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Funny question, I know – “would you marry yourself?” Jill & OB were at the Luxury Portfolio conference in Vegas this week and I asked for a digestible bite. Jill shared with me a bite on what an effective bio looks like…

Your bio homework:: read your bio. Does it tell your story? Is it authentically you? And yes “would you marry yourself?” – are you interesting?

If not, would you like your bio Tuned Up? Just ask Pattie of our Tune Up team. Send an email to and get in the queue for a re-write!

Attention Listing Brokers! Zillow support

Next up in a digestible bite:: Remember to check your listings on Zillow! Your Seller will. Get ahead of any launch frustrations. We feed your listings to Zillow every 4-6 hours. Meaning, if you can not find your new listing on Zillow (or information is incorrect) by hour 7 or 8 of launch – this should raise a red flag. This also goes for relists and price adjustments. If Zillow does not have the listing info (or has the wrong info – price, for rent vs sale etc…) – we can help expedite a solution – this is how::

Email – cc, and let Zillow know of the issue. Remember, Zillow is NOT a brokerage – they depend on us to give them information vs being able to have access to MLS data. Education your Sellers on this early in the process and remind them at launch. All part of an effective launch strategy.

I speak to this Zillow issue briefly at the beginning of Episode #7, Double Down podcast. If you didn’t yet get a chance to tune in – here you go!  In 34 minutes, David Daniel (Demco), Chip Painter (VP, Windermere Services) Mark Hobbs (Eastlake assistant manager, the King of Standards of Practice!) and I digest our first legal bites of the year and set the table in a deeper dive into Windermere Standards of Practice.  Tap the image below and tune-in


Stay curious my friends,

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood