It’s summer, let’s go! |Good for the soul vs sole


It’s Saturday, not Friday. No Friday sweep to digest this week as the mountains were calling, I listened and headed for fresh air and to do something good for the soul. Ironically, I lost both soles of my hiking boots! A Friday funny for sure. Humor + the outdoors was a great way to welcome in the Summer Solstice!

No digestible bites this week. I have a Top Ten brewing for next week > as I have a lot to say. I do however have a handful of stats taken from our Compassionate Conversation this week at The Cinerama. Thank you for filling the room and coming to learn. Education around homelessness is a good place to start the conversation. And, we did.

Thank you W Creative for putting this video together to capture a few take-aways in #’s. Video here, a part of the conversation.

FYI: we will continue to use our Compassionate Conversation website for education + resources. Just added: The Emerald City Resource Guide. Know someone facing homelessness? A resource here.

…and you are now witness to my Friday funny – soul vs sole. My soul may be repaired, my soles not so much!


Hello Summer! We are glad you are here!

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.





It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |”don’t pee in the pool” – Seth Godin

Welcome to Friday! Summer vibes are officially here – heck, my kids put a wrap on school today too. Welcome summer, we are glad you are here. Speaking of summer, I have my mind on some pool time. Michael Fanning had shared this week Seth Godin’s blog post, “Don’t pee in the pool” and I do believe worth a reshare…


“Don’t pee in the pool”

“For generations, people dumped crap into the Hudson River. The river was so large and so swift that they assumed that the effluent wouldn’t come back to haunt them.

Of course, it did, killing the oyster beds and poisoning the public.

How big does a body of water have to be before we forget that we’re swimming in it? That it all comes around…

Why are we are okay at yelling at a stranger, but not our neighbor? We will abuse the department in the other building, but not down the hall…

It turns out that the pool/river/tub that we live in is far smaller than it seems. The culture of the place we work, the vibe of the community where we live. It’s all more connected than we realize.”Seth Godin

Next up on this Friday’s sweep > digestible bites around this Monday’s “compassionate conversation” – designed for you.


If you are a Windermere broker, you are invited.

Join us. Curious the agenda and details? all right here!

The primary purpose of this our event is to educate our brokers about the city’s homelessness epidemic and provide you with facts and resources that you can use in conversations with clients and friends. We hope this discussion will generate greater knowledge, compassion and leadership in confronting this important local issue.

Attendees will get an overview of the causes and current state of homelessness in Seattle and hear directly from service providers and an SPD representative working on the front lines of Seattle’s homelessness crisis, as well as from people who have experienced homelessness themselves.

Timeless hours have been spent putting together Monday’s conversation. I’d like to thank our committee members for their passions, their connectivity to resources, dedication to community and for their precious time. A standing ovation for to my fellow committee members + excellent humans…

Sol Villarreal + Kian Pornour + Deirdre Doyle + Dina Harvey + Sabrina Booth + Pat Grimm + Fritz Nichols + Joe Easterday + Jennifer Doering-Jones + OB Jacobi + Patrick Chinn + Christopher King/W Creative + Mark Putnam + Constance Baldwin

Double Down podcast |Episode #14

Episode #14 of our Double Down podcast is 41 minutes dedicated to all things legal.  David Daniel & I dig deep into messy Form 17 Disclosure issues and clarity around best practices with Earnest Money. All Episodes hosted here. *scroll down on homepage


Welcome to Friday > let’s fly into Father’s Day weekend! 

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday (eve), let’s sweep! | CSD + big 3 Q’s + all things legal [podcast]

CSD-Social-Media-Image 2019

It’s Friday (eve)! I write tonight being I hope my blog post gets missed on Friday with all of us out within our communities, shoulder to shoulder, doing good in our respective hoods. Here is a handful of places we’ll be “showing up” tomorrow!

Atlantic Street Center + Mary’s Place + Julia’s Place + The Brig with YMCA + Sacajawea Elementary + the streets of Ballard (clean up!).

I know, I know! It’s a busy time of year – always is – and yet this is a very special day Windermere wide. It’s what we do, together. Thank you for taking a pause, carving out the time, rolling up your sleeves and making a difference. It doesn’t go unnoticed!


Should you buy a house today?

This week I had a chance to catch up with Matthew Gardner, our Chief Economist.  One topic that came up are his favorite big 3 questions on whether someone should buy a home now? Here you go…

Are you comfortable with the job you currently have?

Are you comfortable with the debt you are taking on?

Do you you plan to be in a home at least 7 years?

ps, if your clients answer “yes” to all three –  then yes – they have Mr. Gardner’s blessing too in moving forward to purchase!

FYI: Matthew & I were speaking specifically to first time homebuyers however my optics on this is that these questions translate just fine for any perspective homebuyer in this market. Use these questions > they are tools to help people move from uncertainty to certainty = one direction or another.


Episode #14 | Double Down podcast ready!| 41 minutes dedicated to all things legal.  David Daniel & I dig deep into messy Form 17 Disclosure issues and clarity around best practices with Earnest Money. When you are good and ready to digest, tune in…

Ok, shoulder to shoulder we go in the morning – bring on Windermere Community Service Day 2019!

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | 212 to go!



Sweeping this week from my deck, in flip flops and getting ready to pack up 30 girls for scout camp – yup, I’m off to camp! It should be a beautiful weekend whatever it is you choose to do…

In sweeping this week, a handful of interesting items worth sharing and digesting…the first of which is looking forward to what Sunday marks.

On Sunday, there will be 212 days left to make good things happen in 2019.  What should/can/will we each do with these next 212 days?

Wait, first…let’s refresh on why I like the # 212.

At 211 degrees, water is hot.

At 212 degrees, water boils. With boiling water comes steam. And with steam you can power a train.

That one extra degree makes all the difference. Effort + care + attention is what creates progress. Meaningful results however require a little more > it requires 212 degrees.” – Sam Parker

If you haven’t yet seen a 3 minutes video around the concept of 212 – here you go: I think well worth your time. Be 212, here.

This + That for this week.

This week I heard of a few Craigslist Rental scams pop up on a couple of our listings.  Suggestion: Google your listings address and make sure it doesn’t get listed as a rental.  If you see it on Craigslist, report it immediately on the Craigslist site.

This week I heard one idea worth spreading: Considering having your Seller’s initial an estimated net proceeds (at the listing price) at the time they are signing their Listing paperwork with you. We had an instance where that would have been super helpful to look back upon when clarifying costs of selling. Often we provide this information during the market analysis stage. Thus, often these costs are discussed very early in the process and could get lost in the shuffle. An idea worth spreading, your call!

Ok, let’s get after the weekend. As we head into Sunday, be 212 – bring that one extra degree in all we do in 2019. Power your steam engine.  All in, for you. Off to camp I go!


Ps, WRE Eastlake brokers, I’ll see you at your mmm!

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | holiday weekend edition


Welcome to this week’s sweep, with a focus on the holiday weekend and a ramped up spring market!

Computation of Time

When computing time for the purchase and sale agreements, please regard Monday, May 27th as a legal holiday. Memorial Day is a legal holiday under Washington law.


Good time of year to remind everyone about “pre-marketing/MLS rule 2c”.  The MLS does not allow for the pre-listing of properties, this includes anything in writing, and also includes social media.  First sentence of RULE 2C- “members shall not promote or advertise any property in any manner whatsoever”.  We have seen a couple of instances where advanced notice is being given during photo shoots etc.  It is important you are aware of the strict enforcement and potential fines from the MLS.  The MLS enforces this as much to protect our business and ensure all members are on an equal playing field.  There has been an increase in recent months of posting coming soon messages.  The MLS takes these situations very seriously and I won’t be able to wiggle you out of these fines. A simple screenshot timestamped prior to launch date from a bitter broker who was competing for a listing is all it takes. They are expensive fines!

…Drum roll please on a winner for the legal bite for next week’s podcast. Thank you to the Ballard office for requesting this topic!

Form 17:  There is confusion around when a buyer or possible buyer discovers a material defect and reports it to the listing broker. When does that warrant a new revised form 17 to be delivered?  What if the buyer sends over the whole inspection report?  What if a possible buyer says “I’m not writing an offer, I had a structural inspector out and this house has structural issues!”, does the listing broker have a duty to tell possible buyers or tell their seller and investigate?

ps, there is still time to add to the podcast if you’d like to float me more content! David Daniel and I will record next week…

The Smith’s are signing off for the long weekend. Family PLAY and more baseball – this weekend in Bend. What an awesome spot. Playing on bike and foot down by the river…


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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! |your legal bites + by the #’s + the human algorithm (on repeat)


Welcome to Friday, a beautiful Friday evening at that – Seattle! Sweeping this week with NBA playoff hoops, Mariners baseball, Husky playoff softball on in the background, Chad & Shale playing hoops in the front yard, Piper at a friends house for dinner and I recapping this week over ginger Kombucha and Girl Scout cookies – why not! Wild night in the Smith house…

Here we go, what I have for this week…


Priming the pump for this one! Wednesday May 29th I’ll have Demco attorney David Daniel again mic’d up. The entire Double Down podcast episode will be dedicated to legal bites. Here is the plan > you share with me what questions you have and what legal bites you’d like us to add to the conversation! Email (, text (206.227.7133) or leave a comment on this blog and I’ll start building the conversation! What say you!?! Do tell.


The #’s | Seattle Talking Points | Residential & Condo

*data thru April 2019*

Months of Inventory | 1.4 months vs 0.7 this time last year

Median Sales Closed Price | $707,000 vs $750,000 this time last year (down 6%)

% of listings sold above list price | 30% (26% last month) | 66% April 2018

% of listings sold at list price | 22% (18% last month) | 14% April 2018

% of listing below list price | 20% (19% last month) | 10% April 2018

% of listings sold with a price change | 28% (37% last month) *fewer price adjustments!

Looking for these numbers in a consumer facing format? As always: | text for password (206.227.7133)


Looking for Episode #13 of our Double Down podcast? Let’s hit repeat from last week!

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |”a radical invitation to be ourselves”…all in, for you


Welcome to Friday! Today’s sweep is of something greater than this week. It’s a story of one brand (your brand, our brand) coming “off mute.” How Windermere Real Estate engaged with Ziba Design to discover, design and launch our “all in, for you” campaign. A fresh perspective and process to the heartbeat of a brand, our brand.

“A radical invitation to be ourselves…”

Please join me for 39 minutes of Episode #13, Double Down podcast. This episode is filled with emotion, storytelling, passion, laughter and oops…even a four letter word (thought about editing that out – yet it was too spot on).  I’m hoping you will tune in. It would mean a lot to me.

Windermere, All in – for you.

Ps, for those of you who are looking for less emotion (art) and more science – the password for Windermere Stats has been updated. Text me if you need it: 206.227.7133. Next week, we’ll break down the #’s and digest them!



…And oh my goodness, what a good looking weekend for Mother’s Day! Can every day be Mothers Day? I’m All IN on that too!

Mother's Day Graphics2

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith