It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | six months in…

Welcome to Friday y’all! And here we are, six months into ’22. Maybe you are an uber planner and keep a business plan and annual goals visual and something you look at often. For others, “that plan” might be in a pile of papers. For some, no written plan at all. Zero judgment here – instead, simply a share of an excerpt from James Clear’s bestselling book – Atomic Habits.

Thank you Erica Topel for sending this article to me! You were spot on, I loved it. Ps, you got my vote this week on the Seattle King County Association of Realtors® ballot as our hopeful next VP Member Services & Communication. *note to all: your email ballot may have ended up in your junk file. We have 5 Windermere candidates for different positions – let’s support them!

Ok, to that excerpt I hinted at above as we have arrived six months into ’22 and a nice time to reset…

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. Now for the interesting question: if you completely ignored your goals and focused only on your system, would you still succeed?“…

Read full excerpt here.

And, as the candle reads above – awesome ain’t easy. You are awesome.

Welcome to Friday, welcome to the week(end) – here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | S ( ) R

While I suspect readership will be down on a Friday before Memorial Day weekend, I offer not more content yet instead a pause. I offer what I’ve seen of recent so eloquently spoken to in identifying the “space in between stimulus and response.” Written in an equation – it looks a bit like this…

S ( ) R

Saratoga and I are signing off to go discovery our “space in between“…between stimulus and response. No doubt we have all had our share of stimulus this week. I’m hopeful that magical space in between helps with each of our responses.

Be well, stay well – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | how to avoid egg on your face

Hello Friday, it is nice to see you! And is that blue skies ahead I see here in the PNW? To everyone, I have one conversation for us as I sweep this week in bringing attention to the 5.5.22 ninja selling podcast, “setting sellers’ expectations”…

Ready to dive in? Let’s go…

I offer these next 27 minutes in “setting sellers’ expectations” …stated another way – how to avoid egg on your face. Link here.

Next week I will offer an extended conversation around this “now” topic as Kristin Munger & Sol Villarreal both too listened to the above podcast this week with me and will offer us a continued discussion in setting seller expectations thru showing trends and real time data. Markets do change shape. These conversations need to come to life right now to be at our best. Looking forward to helping us all get right there – it matters. Look for our video blog next week!

Have a wonderful weekend in productive play & work. Here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

…and, do you have a high 5 to dish out from this week? Did you observe an industry peer at their very very best? If so, dish it here: so that I can amplify the good!

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | where that “puck” is going…

From Steve Jobs to Warren Buffett – many have used and over used this cliched & now famous quote from hockey icon, Wayne Gretzky – “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

After attending this week’s in-person luxury breakfast and listening in on industry conversations with Lars Neste of Demco Law Firm I’m doubling down on one day the use of Buyer Agency becoming more standard within our industry. My goal is to provide the environment now to better look at how to add Buyer Agency into your process with clients – to get ahead of where that “puck” might just be going…

Thank you to the Johnson & Walker team for allowing me to mic them up and learn about their Buyer process, the why behind it and integration of Buyer Agency. Agreed, use of Buyer Agency isn’t (yet) standard in our industry as is a Listing Agreement. That said, as Cassie & Jeremey say confidently thru their intake/education with every perspective Buyer client, “…you are right, signing Buyer Agency is not (yet) standard, however it is our standard…” – to which they go on to explain, show their value & commit.

In Episode 25, “Double Down – How Buyers Hire You” – Cassie & Jeremey reference their process – take a spin here briefly (or come back later!) before tuning into our conversation. And, a humble high 5 to the Johnson & Walker team for the share…

Full Episode 25 – here!

…and for fun this week – jumping into a Friday like this! THIS is what happened at our Eastlake office Wednesday when Ryan Hardy didn’t finish what he promised at their weekly accountability group! I bet he completes everything next week!

Jump into Friday and this weekend however you deem fit! Here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

Ps, if you haven’t yet – take a spin on over to windermereco.seattle on Instagram – a new spot to visit, like, share and be part of the conversation. Just now taking flight in content – give us a “follow!”

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “embrace the suck”

Welcome to Friday and more specifically welcome to the Friday of Windermere Cup Weekend! All you need to know for the weekend ahead – starting tonight – right here!

I have a ton of new content for you all as I started back up my true podcast this week. That said, my gut this morning tells me to launch Episode 25 with commentary – next week (and I will). That said, for those of you who have the capacity to listen in sooner than later – please join me here as Windermere brokers, Cassie Walker Johnson & Jeremey Johnson mic up with me and openly share their process in using Buyer Agency Agreements in being “hired” & gaining commitment with their clients.

Ok, back to the Montlake Cut and my FWL focus. Today I’m pulling out a recap in an interview I had a chance to do with Yasmin Farooq, head University of Washington women’s rowing team coach. As a nod to those incredible athletes that will race the Montlake Cut this weekend – sharing some behind the scenes commentary from coach, herself in relation to the sport of rowing. As with our business – it’s the behind the scenes and grit that goes into race day that makes all the difference. And, how we “embrace the suck.”

The interview with Coach Yaz was specific to her 2020 season – one that started with hope of a third NCAA sweep in four seasons (no other program has done it before) to a story of resilience. I took Coach Yaz back to March 12, 2020 11:17am when it all began to change and change quickly. I’ll take you back to that morning – Seattle Times article, “Their season was swept away by the coronavirus outbreak, but the reigning NCAA champion UW women’s rowers remain unified.”

…fast forward, and let’s look back at how this team remained unified despite a normal season ending within hours and the challenges of 2020 took over.

“The whole theme for the year was, “Thank you,” Farooq said. “As in, when you get into the third 500 and your lungs and legs are on fire, you are grateful for the opportunity to be in there together. You’re going to find an extra gear for everyone around you.”

Coach Yaz went on to share with us several intentions that became the focus in their blueprint of the 2020 season – out of the boat and off the water. Let me take all of us inside of their locker room (figuratively speaking)…and then look inside our own locker rooms as we navigate less around a pandemic and more so around choppy waters of our 2022 market…

Bringing gratitude into next year because we know what it felt like to have a season taken away from us.

Growth mindset, staying in the present and rolling with the punches; trust ourselves to adapt to what’s going on.

Be in the now / love in the now; dedicating training to others and not focusing on outcome.

Make the days count instead of counting the days, be at peace with bad pieces.

Forgiveness: removing fear of expectations after a bad piece and give yourself love for the next piece.

Understand one another’s individual needs in addition to being one team.

How we carry ourselves through this time / training now brings value to the team later.

Removing others expectations / judgment of yourself in the workout.

Embracing every moment we get together in the future and not taking it for granted. Remembering how hard this is now to make those future moments appreciated.

Internal vs external focus. Reminding yourself that you are doing this because you want to. Shifting your long-term focus to each week.

Expectations to be fast vs enjoying and trusting the process.

Taking back control, knowing you are trusted and can decide what is best for you, and if you carry that into fall you can handle the hard tasks when they come.

Self-expectations and doing your work with joy to remove them.

I’m confident we will continue to commit & adapt to our market waters of ’22 – “third 500” of this race and yes my “lungs and legs are on fireand yes – every day I am grateful “for the opportunity to be in [our boat] together“…

So I ask all of us – as we continue to stare resilience in it’s face – can we “find an extra gear for everyone around [us]?Can you imagine if we did?

I’ll leave you with this. Here is a cool video that takes us inside the UW women’s varsity 8 at the 2019 NCAA’s. Inspirational and as Coach Yaz shared with me, reflects their training mindset to life on race day. Check out their final 250 on this race day – here.

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | life as a mixtape

Welcome to Friday! Let’s start the “sweep” of this week with a little time capsule and then jump into a headline worth talking about

Time capsule topic first…cleaning out one of our office closets this week, as picture above – a time capsule was found…do you notice however one of those gems is not like the others? It was fun to read the “comments” on a social post around finding this gem. Offers to buy the collection, several mentions of Mariah Carey, volunteers to bring in their old boom boxes collecting dust to host office dance parties & idea to auction off with proceeds to go towards our 50 in 50 campaign this year. Stay tuned on plans for this collection – at this point we are simply enjoying the find! Which direction would you go if you found this time capsule? Put in the comments section!

An oh, the treasure box may or may not have inspired manager Rob Graham to spend the rest of the afternoon reviewing files to Metallica – ok, that did happen. And, grateful he had a stack of files to review! Rock on, Rob, Rock on!

And now pivoting to the headline in today’s Seattle Time’s article…

Homebuyers should ask agents for money back, consumer group says – but that won’t be easy in Seattle area. Full article here. I will always shout out a headline that we should all be reading – regardless of the validity of the opinion. Why? Because your clients are reading them and we need to be aware of that. Ps, my counter to this article is this – if you were representing me right now in this market – I’d pay you more than your current fee;) Yup, you are worth it.

I’d like to add some historical context to some of the mentioned premises of the article by way of a series of 2019 podcasts I hosted. The timing of these podcasts were to educate on the 2019 NWMLS changes in allowing real estate firms to publicly publish buyer’s agent commissions. This was a strong move in transparency allowing for healthy conversations around value and flow of money. I am re-sharing this series of podcasts to hit re-play on the topic. No doubt, office meetings will serve as a refresh too.

It’s not a mixtape from 80’s but it is a series of throwbacks from 2019 and still all very relevant…

Episode 15Antitrust 101

Episode 16NWMLS Modernization of Selling Office Commissions

Episode 17 Discover A Process with Buyer Agency Agreements

Coming soon – Episode 25 with Cassie Walker Johnson & Jeremy Johnson – 8 step process in Buyer Agency to Closing (next week we get mic’d up)!

Ps, my favorite quote in the Seattle Times article today – “The change worried some agents at the time, but turned out to be a nothingburger,broker, Sol Villarreal said.

That’s a wrap for this week. Wasn’t planning on this content, yet life is like a mixtape – surprised by both the time capsule and The Seattle Times article.

Rock on everyone, rock on. – Laura

Chasing sunsets & a re-post Friday…

While I’m chasing beaches & sunsets in California the rest of this week with my kiddos (cue: spring break – well, almost forgot – here in CA for a hoop tourney) I’m re-posting last week’s vblog – as those of you that had a chance to tune in found the conversation helpful. Today’s FWL is making it easy for those that haven’t (yet) had a chance to listen in…

40 minutes and 27 seconds…with our coffee & stats. Kristin Munger & I chat interest rates, pace of market and question… “are price opinions effective?” Maybe. We also give a nod to next month’s vlog focus.

All right here.

ps, I reference the below slides during the vblog from Keeping Current Matters and their April ’22 Monthly Market Report…

All in, for you. All in, for us. All in, for chasing sunsets & hoops in CA!Laura

It’s Saturday, let’s sweep! | Vblog style…

Six years yesterday I began writing this blog on each Friday. While the pace of this market at times leads me to post on a Saturday or Sunday – Fridays have been my day to “sweep the week” with you for now six years. Thank you for being the audience I choose to write for!

This week, I’m changing it up and going Vblog style – aka, “a blog in which posting is primarily in video form.” Lots to talk about – video the medium for this week. And thank goodness, Kristin Munger was willing to mic up with me again for our 6th “coffee with Kristin & Laura”…and on a Saturday!

40 minutes and 27 seconds…with our coffee & stats. We chat interest rates, pace of market and question… “are price opinions effective?” Maybe. All right here.

ps, I referenced the below slides with Kristin from Keeping Current Matters and their April ’22 Monthly Market Report…

Vblog a wrap and thanks again for being the audience the keeps me going from week to week!

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

…save the date! Our prestigious northwest tradition is back! All details right here.

A true tradition of community + sport!

Saturday morning musings…

Good morning, Saturday! Friday was full – this week – FWL musing moves to your first or second cup of coffee…sharing top questions & themes that have come my way as we sweep this week!

Up first…is Windermere Cup back in ’22? Why yes, yes it very much is! And, if you missed the line up of opportunity to tie into – let me take you back to the HUB post that has full detail. Right here (ps, be logged into HUB to access). Windermere Cup weekend is the ultimate celebration of community & sport and it makes me all kinds of happy that the cut will be lined with both yet again! And, if you are looking for a reason to reach out to your sphere – keep the Windermere Party on the Cut in mind! Teaser here. Details & tickets here. Client party done for you! And just maybe you’ll spot the man, the myth, the legend OB Jacobi flying this year’s Cup flag again! Mark your calendar, have fun.

This week’s focus on our high 5’s is a focus on a quote from the great hockey player…

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky

…think about that statement within our industry peer to peer interactions. How we treat each other in the now (the puck) is also building to where our interactions and opportunities will be in where the “puck is going to be.” People remember the past. Be the broker others want to see on the other side of a PSA – now & in the future. It will & does matter in your overall results.

Talking points for Seattle Residential hot off the press. All Windermere Stats have been updated – need password? Feel free to text me – 206.227.7133. Next week we’ll get mic’d up and talk about it – for now a few things to digest…

71% of the houses that closed in March 2022 sold for more than the list price. This is a high for Seattle, March 2018 was 63% and April 2018 was 68%. The median amount paid above the asking price was 15%. The median closed sale price rose was $970,000, an all-time high, up 18% from March 2021, and Up 5% February 2022 ($925,000, the previous high).

It continues to be hard to be a buyer today: 1. Active inventory for sale is limited (284 single-family houses), though up 15% from last month (247), this is just 45% of the 10 year average for March Active Listings EOM (628). 2. New listings taken in January, February, and March of 2022 are down 53% year over year. 3. Price growth of 23% over the last two years and higher interest rates are headwinds on demand, but the limited inventory and the continued massive tech growth in the area are major offsets. 

And yes, by the time stats come out – it is history in this market. That said, THE place to use these is pre-education as new buyers & sellers consider entering this market…

Ok, all – back to your Saturday! – Laura