Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep | I’m listening.

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There’s a lot of turmoil in our world at the moment, caused by long-standing inequalities that have deep roots in our country. Our community is the heart of Windermere and that heart is hurting. As a real estate office, we have historically not spoken out on matters of social and racial justice, and sometimes we struggle with knowing exactly what to say. But remaining silent isn’t the answer, and this statement is long overdue. Black Lives Matter. While we support everyone equally and have zero tolerance for those who don’t, the ongoing violence against the Black community shows us that there is still a long way to go. Undoing what divides us is hard, ongoing work, but it is necessary. Let’s draw strength from each other, inspire one another, and listen closely to the individual stories told by each of our neighbors. Without hearing and understanding these perspectives, we cannot truly build the community we all want to call home.

I’m listening. – Laura

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Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | ingredients for resiliency (guest speaker!)

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Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! In my humble opinion, this week’s sweep is a meaningful moment in recalibrating our resiliency together moving forward. As we await continued improvement with our local and global health statistics to show us we are ready to further open our business and lives – I am certain there are blindspots and struggles we have not yet faced. We’ll need to find continued resiliency to endure these next miles.

I’ve brought in a special person and message for you with a focus on key ingredients that just may help us with our resiliency.

For many of you, let me first take you back to our 2020 kickoff events as we prepared to set tone + focus for a New Year. No doubt what we are experiencing collectively right now was not a part of our programming on our stage that day. Gian Paul Gonzalez however was on our stage that day and I’ve brought him back to help guide us onward deeper into 2020.

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to hear Gian Paul on stage, welcome to this virtual stage and messaging during our Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

PSA: this message is 27 minutes. My hope in working with Gian Paul was a brief hello and check in with all of us – he gave us much more than that. He’s just that kind of guy!

To wrap this week, I’ve written two words below in bold. They will make more sense after you watch Gian Paul’s message…


“Let’s stay all in by being resilient.” – Gian Paul Gonzalez

…and please share this message with anyone. In “showing up” for each other – despite distanced – we too can each be a key ingredient to another person’s resilience.

All In, for you. All In, for us.


It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | some things haven’t changed, some things will soon

Did you remember there is a holiday approaching – aka, this Monday!?! Being that a Sundays can feel like Monday and Mondays can sometimes feel like Saturday within our Stay Home, Stay Healthy order – I almost missed all that is…Memorial Day weekend! #MemorialDayIsHere
Some things haven’t changed – good to remember that!
When computing time for purchase and sale agreements, please regard Monday, May 25th as a legal holiday. Memorial Day is a legal holiday under Washington law.
What else hasn’t changed?
The basics of our everyday. Helping people stay current.
As economists continue to evaluate a mix of business, health and people sciences with our eyes on recovery, here are the 4 things within KCM’s May message that are powerful reminders of where our focus should be with our people.
Ask yourself these 4 questions below. If your answer is “no” or “could be improved” – ask for help. We’ve got it, just ask!

> Is my communication simple and effective?

> Am I hyper current on all housing information? *text me if you are looking for this week’s stats & talking points. 206.227.7133

> Am I mixing microdata/local data with your macro or U.S. data with my people? *text me if you’d like to log into KCM and give it a go.

> Have I successfully navigated use of videos on social media and Zoom meetings in communicating with your database of people that know + like + trust you?

…and some change is for the G O O D!

One slide from KCM that I often refer to in my blog has been updated with 2020 data vs 2019 (% of homeowner equity up from 2019) – an uptick from 2019. Change is good!

Signing off today with one more item where change will be good, once each county is approved for Phase 2 of the Stay Home, Stay Safe order. During Phase 2, you will be allowed for 3 people onsite at a time, including you. During the current Phase 1, we are still at 2 only onsite, including you. You have adjusted nicely – thank Y O U!
Changes are coming our way as we move through phases in reopening business in Washington State. This 4 minute video from WR gives you further insight.
Note: Within that video, Annie Fitzsimmons speaks to physical real estate offices being able to open once an individual county is approved for Phase 2. That said, this too will not be a “turn on a light switch” approach – it will have to be a “turn the dial” approach.
I have been preparing and am ready for that first turn of our dial! Now, for the health statistics to show us we are all ready!
All in, for you. All in, for us.

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |building castles through togetherness

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Welcome to Friday everyone, let’s take a sweep of this week in togetherness!  Let’s go right to a digestible talking points as we recap weekly #’s…

In looking at King County Residential Only weekly report (for the weeks ended Wednesday 5/13):


Good news, the number of new pending sales continues to rise and the most current week is 79% of the same week in 2019. 

The months supply of inventory is 1.0 vs 1.3 a year ago. Demand high and supply low.

Reminder: Weekly statistics are for the week ended every Wednesday. They are generally published by the end of the day Friday – here. However, we are rushing to get them out on Thursdays. *If you’d like me to email you the full weekly report for more on King, Seattle and Eastside footprint – text me: 206.227.7133


Where I was able to join you on zooms or calls this week you may have heard me in my tone and focus in identifying moments of collective weariness. These moments of weariness within our Stay order hits each of us at different moments and in different ways. The difference right now is that the adrenaline surge we all experienced early in a time of crisis has worn off. While Covid-19 is not behind us and as we move slowly towards more re-opening of life, we’ll need to continue to find ways to work with weariness during continued unprecedented times.

Adrenaline got us through; now what?!! Bringing in Brene Brown into our mix once again to speak to this on her Unlocking Us podcast…24 minutes to help us navigate collective weariness!

*and if you want a good laugh, imagine my husband trying to go to sleep and me making him stay up and listen to Brene for 24 minutes. He was a little over me in that moment. Just calling that moment what it was! And oh, then I proceeded the next morning asking him “what your # today?” Really over me at the moment. Good laughs though! You’ll “get it” if you listen in…

Unlocking Us; on comparative suffering, the 50/50 myth and settling the ball

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Final numbers for our Neighbors in Need campaign are IN. I haven’t found the words for this just yet; it is a feeling of amazement. Head to the Windermere HUB for the graphics if you’d like to share your collective generosity.
Neighbors in Need Social Media Graphic Final Progress Bar
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Let’s keep building castles.
All IN, for togetherness

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | focus on the good

Welcome to Friday everyone as we roll into Mother’s Day weekend…and a beautiful one anticipates us! Just tallied my Zoom meeting count for this week = totaling 22. Wow. Yet the wow I’m really focused on is awaiting a final tally on Neighbors in Need campaign. Together we have accomplished amazing. These funds will make a direct impact to our local food banks throughout our footprint. My heart is so very full.

Ps, if my mom is reading this – thank you for participating in this campaign! Love you mom! Love you Windermere.



This weekend’s checkpoint; your “swing”


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“To be of championship caliber, a crew must have total confidence in each other, able to drive with abandon, confident that no man will get the full weight of the pull…. When you get the full rhythm in an eight, it’s pure pleasure to be in it. It’s not hard work when the rhythm comes—that “swing” as they call it. I’ve heard men shriek out in delight when the swing came into an eight; it’s a thing they’ll never forget as long as they live.”

– George Yeoman Pocock, from Daniel James Brown’s The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat  is one of my top 5 books of all time and today being what would have been Windermere Cup 2020 I am giving a nod to both this true tale of the University of Washington men’s rowing team’s unlikely victory at the 1936 Berlin Olympics and to our annual celebration of community + sport. I miss everything about this weekend; including the grit & character I witness at the finish line from athletes around the world.


This weekend’s checkpoint; your “swing”

Being that Gov. Inslee extended our Stay Home, Stay Healthy thru May 31st 2020, I again share the checkpoint below as a way to take a pause amidst our larger pause and see what adjustment you will decide to make in order to find your “swing.”

Keep in mind, you are not rowing alone. The moment when a crew suddenly is rowing in near-perfect sync, with complete trust in and respect for other rowers is the moment of “swing.” Continue to show up, lean on each other and trust that we’ll together reach our Stay Home, Stay Healthy order with strength and reach another level of grit & character. Our continued recovery will be a direct reflection of our focus right now.

What vital few activities can you do in the strokes ahead to increase your scores as we continue to recover? What are non-negotiable?

SIP Self-Assessment

Need help finding your “swing“? I’m in your boat. Ask for help at this moment of checkpoint within our extended Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

All in, for our boat.


A “stay home, stay healthy” checkpoint

This week’s mile(s); a checkpoint.

Welcome to a new week within our Stay Home, Stay Healthy environment. As Gov. Inslee further prepares and communicates with WA State on what further reopening our economy will look like, my gut tells me this week is a good time for a “checkpoint” within our own marathon.

This “checkpoint” is of self-assessment. Sharing a tool below to help in grabbing very well earned hydration + fuel as we prepare for the continued miles ahead.

If you are finding your scores lower than you had hoped at this “checkpoint” – focus on this > what vital few activities can you do in the miles ahead to increase those scores as we prepare for recovery? What are non-negotiable?

 There will be a finish line to our Stay Home, Stay Healthy marathon. Our recovery will be a direct reflection of our focus right now. I’m still very much laced up and running right alongside of you…



SIP Self-Assessment