It’s Friday, let’s sweep this week!

Welcome to a Friday, let’s sweep this week! Locally we welcomed IN the Kraken draft on the shores of Lake Union – full bleacher report here on the athletes who will make Seattle their home ice – here. I appreciated digesting this NPR article on “why it is taking longer to build homes in Seattle” – here. I’ve begun delivering our summer issue of Windermere Living to my advertisers next week to drop in their marketing toolkit! Eye candy for all with a focus on featured listings, out-of-the-box charcuterie boards, trending textures & ways to upcycle – flip the pages right here! And oh, for all of you Ted Lasso fans – season 2 premiers today – love him!

…and 4,782 miles away we welcomed IN the 2021 Olympics as Windermere gives a nod to our local athletes and going all in for them in coverage sponsorship!

Windermere Sponsoring Olympics Coverage on KING TV

The 2021 Olympics are here and Windermere has gone all in to support our local Northwest athletes! Tune into KING TV to catch one of our commercials during their live coverage of the games.

Windermere is also the official sponsor of KING’s Olympic Zone series, which will feature interviews, highlights, and upcoming events with an emphasis on Northwest athletes. The Olympic Zone will also feature minute-long vignettes with our athletes that include interview questions centered on “home” and what it means to go “all in” for something.

Our sponsorship includes both broadcast on KING TV and online streaming on the KING website from 7/22 to 8/7. Be on the lookout for Windermere commercials during live coverage and check out the upcoming Olympic Zone episodes:

Thurs 7/22 -Danielle Lawrie (UW/Canada Softball)

Sat 7/24 – Ali Aguilar (UW/USA Softball)

Mon 7/26 – Jen Salling (UW/Canada Softball)

Tues 7/27 – Kaite Lou Samuelson (Storm/USA 3×3 Hoops)

Wed 7/28 – Kelsey Blum (UW/USA 3×3 Hoops)

Thurs 7/29 – Harrison Maurus (Auburn Riverside HS/USA Weightlifting)

Fri 7/30 – Breanna Stewart (Storm/USA 3×3 Hoops)

Sat 7/31 – Jewell Loyd (Storm/USA 3×3 Hoops)

Mon 8/2 – Nevin Harrison (Roosevelt HS/USA Canoe Sprint)

Tues 8/3 – Katrina Young (Shoreline/USA Diving)

Wed 8/4 – TBD

Thurs 8/5 – Megan Rapinoe (Reign/USA Soccer)

Fri 8/6 – Sue Bird (Storm/USA Hoops)

Sat 8/7 – Jacob Riley (Bellingham/USA Marathon)

Friday has begun – it’s again PNW gorgeous yet I too acknowledge friends close by are navigating a very hot summer wildfire season – strength to all those enduring smoke, concerns & coming together as community.

Another summer weekend awaits us – be well in however you chose to play & real estate! We’ll be celebrating this guy today as #15 has crept us on all of us. I’m a lucky mom. #beyondgrateful

All in, for us. All in, for you. – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s sweep – this week!

Despite being amidst mid summer there is lots going on and a handful of things worth bringing to your attention this week – let’s give it a sweep! Of particular note, the DOL is back auditing offices and I am mid-audit now. Coming soon to a FWL post will be an audit proofing summary as our offices are only as audit proof as our engagement with you – the broker. Anyone recall the DOL’s “two day rule”? – hopefully a concept not unfamiliar to you. This is the sort of thing I will deconstruct once audit is complete.

Ok, moving on from that riveting topic and moving towards this…

…what is this group above up to? Well, Inman summed it up pretty well this week. And couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this work – pinch me!

Windermere launches BIPOC-focused internship program

The eight-week internship is in partnership with the University of Washington College of Built Environments and will focus on educating students on the residential real estate market in the greater Seattle area. Full Inman article here!

…and ps, while nice to see impactful PR around this – even more so is what we are learning from these students. I can already guarantee to you we are learning as much as they are. My mind is wide open.

Seattle Waterfront LID prepayment assessments notices are here – aka, in the mailboxes of homeowners.

Let’s start with the background…

An LID is a funding tool governed by state law, by which property owners pay to help fund the costs of public improvements that directly benefit their property. For the Waterfront LID, property owners will contribute to a portion of the improvement costs based on the “special benefit” they will receive from those improvements.

The LID is a key component of the Waterfront Seattle Program funding plan, along with City and State funding and private philanthropy. An LID was included in the Waterfront Strategic Plan and approved by Council in 2012.

On June 14, 2021, Council passed the Waterfront LID Assessment Roll Ordinance. This is the ordinance to confirm the final assessment amounts for the Waterfront LID.

For property owners that reside within the Seattle Waterfront Local Improvement District (LID)they have now received their prepayment assessment along with other information. I’d suggest digesting this fully – details here (along with a sample notice).

Looking for a readers’s digest version and why we as brokers should care?

Disclosure issue for Sellers. Heads up for buyer brokers. Assessments role has been published and available with two clicks. Sellers can pay off and get discount (8%) or can pass on the buyer Like sewer capacity charge. Line 13 of NWMLS form 28 & 21 important. *side note, Demco Law Firm working on an advisory on this for us.

Wrapping this week in amplifying a well done HUB post from Windermere Tech. They have expanded hours in support and put together a thoughtful best practices in how to better connect with them for help. Often how we access and what we provide from the get go in detail (or lack of detail of problem) – can slow responses down. Take a look here – worth digesting. As always, if we can help find a solution – just ask. Managers & staff are here to help track it down.

That’s a wrap from this week – a full one! And to end on a light summer note – sharing a song I heard for the first. time on one of my Peloton rides this week – FireFlies (Own City). It brought me back to the summer wonder I had as a young child visiting my grandmother in Illinois and watching fireflies. To the wonder + play of summer – let’s go find that too. Happy Friday everyone!

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

A quick sweep of this week!

A quick sweep of this week as I know I have only seconds to catch your attention during these summer weeks! I sure enjoyed the “return of the sparkles & smiles” over the July 4th holiday. SUP boards back in the water, tried something new – an open water swim at 6am and finally cleaned up my “work” that had completely overtaken every corner of my house, car…and now all back tidy in my office. For me, almost felt like the beginnings of a new year. Welcome to the 2nd half of 2021 all – happy that!

This week, sharing Dan Given’s updated spreadsheet filled with lots of #’s – yet done right, pulls the micro stories you need to get specific with your clients. Residential & Condo broken apart. Save this tab, download the spreadsheets and manipulate to your hearts delight! All right here. Dan’s general quick take in commentary…

It look like the 5 straight months of every higher offers has come to an end. The offers are still sky high but they are slightly down from May numbers for most areas. We all know pendings are reflecting a slight cooling and I expect that the closed sales reports will reflect that in coming months” – Dan Givens, WWA Windermere Services

Seattle tops list of major cities for growth in 2020

Seattle’s population grew by about 16,400 from July 1, 2019, to July 1, 2020, hitting a total of 769,700. That equals a growth rate of 2.2%, ranking Seattle as last year’s fastest-growing city among the 50 most populous in the U.S. This isn’t hot off the press news this week yet I’d seen a few articles recently around our city’s growth so I’m re-sharing this one. While I have had some friends reshuffle their lives away from the city I’ve certainly encountered new friends too attracted to Seattle. Full article here.

Ok, back to your Friday, that morning cup of coffee (or 2) and another fabulous summer weekend! Off to a wedding – can’t hardly wait! Getting all dressed up and celebrating the good in love. Love wins, right? And oh, this week too – a new & fresh cut. If you haven’t seen me in awhile – here I am. See you soon – I sure hope.

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

The return of the sparkle & smile | July 4th!

Sparkle & Smile

Here comes the long Fourth of July holiday weekend and one that I hope brings the return of the sparkle, the sparklers & smiles! This week Washington State re-opened, the holiday falls on a Sunday – meaning Monday is regarded as a legal holiday.

What do these things mean for real estate?

Another conversation with your sellers…

Brokers and their clients must adhere to any requirements or restrictions imposed by the seller of a property, including required appointments, mandatory face coverings, capacity limitations, or other instructions.  Listing brokers should detail any requirements in the listing and post signs at the property regarding any specific instructions (e.g. face covering required to enter). Yup, seller is more so calling the shots. Get clear with the seller and please honor your comfort level too!

…and, when computing time for purchase and sale agreements, regard Monday, July 5th as a legal holiday. Whenever any legal holiday falls upon a Sunday, the following Monday shall be a legal holiday under Washington law.

…now to share one of my favorite things I read this week – speaks direct to the superpower we all have within us!

Whenever I smile, I make someone’s day better. What a cool way to buy happiness for free! I will remember what an awesome power I hold, and I’ll take joy in improving lives simply by giving away grins like crazy!” Thank you Jeannette Ault for this share – from our Eastlake office!

Sparkle & smile on! All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

It’s Sunday :: an ice ice baby sweep!

Sunday evening is rolling in – preparing for a new week! Started this morning at 4 stores and gas stations prior to 8am to grab ice to fill a cooler for a basketball tournament – to no avail though! Geez. A few things in “well-being” to try to cool it down the next couple of days…

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible” continued…


While apparently Seattle is still the least air conditioned major city in America and proper AC units are hard to come by in the immediate, a fun & quick video on making your own cooling zone – right here. My husband took this advice to heart (yes, we are without AC) – with hopes we find a cooler sleep tonight – six ways to sleep cooler.

…and, I do NOT know if this is true, yet the PSA is circulating some neighborhood chats (and I’ve seen many Seattle City Light trucks out working today)…


I’ve accessed the CW Title & Escrow “resources” tab several times of recent – no need to keep this handy tab a secret! My most recent views were – “Let’s talk Title – how do we sign?” and “Power of Attorney.” These “go to” tools and more…all right here.

Excellence. Storytelling.

Often we might hear this question – “what wrong?” How about flipping that script with “what’s right?” I heard that script flip on a Peloton ride this week. It got me thinking – how can I continue to make “what is right” made visible. I need your help! Ready for the challenge?

When you see a Windermere peer, a staff member, a manager &/or an owner doing something right – I ask that you share that with me or at a minimum, them. Doing what is right, doing what is fair and doing things well is often our superpower yet can often go unseen unless it is acknowledge and shared. Imagine what could happen by making the “good, right & well” more visible each week?

I hope you will become another set of eyes & ears for me in this endeavor – to help me highlight more people for their unique contributions, connect us further, support our daily work and amplify the pride around our values and purpose at Windermere. Doubling down on our superpowers.


The Wedgwood community received a surprise this week! To wrap this post ending on a light note – sharing what happens at our Wedgwood office if you lose in fantasy football. Even on a smokin’ hot day in Seattle you too would be in a chicken suit waiving at cars up and down 35th Ave NE. Thanks for the entertainment Kelland Lindsey – always a good sport! And, Blake Budden shows us what winning looks like. Nice belt!

As we start a new week, hopeful ice will reappear! What you focus on expands, right?!?

And oh, here is the HUB post last week around the launch of Windermere’s new sponsorship on KIRO news – weekly “On Home Ice” segments designed to help us get up to speed on the NHL and prepare for the Kraken. Our brand will be all over this – opening, graphics and commercials will air during breaks as well.

We can catch “On Home Ice” twice every Sunday on KIRO news (5:30 pm & 11pm) through the end of the year. 

Take good care these next couple of days. Check in on your people & each other. I will be serving Frosted Flakes for dinner tonight – not kidding! And, starting a new week with a SUP paddles at 6am tomorrow and ready for all things real estate.

All IN, for cooler days. – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | architecture of resurgence continued…

Welcome to Friday! Back to my “architecture or resurgence” focus in blog writing over the next fews weeks. It’s happening – resurgence in so many areas of our life that we had to put on hold. I am making well-being, tools, excellence, storytelling & community as the key ingredients to keeping this focus up!

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible”


I share the above selfie of Piper & I from this week as I begin to see your faces and connect beyond the eyes – I love that! It sure is an ingredient to my well-being! Another little something happening for this week – whether consciously aware of it or not (yet) – this is a time of transition – a transition into summer. And with respect to our work a key activity this time of year is looking at my calendar and making adjustments to be more aligned with summer. I share this habit with you being it makes a world of a difference for me. This is what this activity looks like for me – hope it might stir intentional inspiration for you. The art of time blocking.

Take 1 hour next week and pull up each day in your calendar – one at a time. What are the vital activities that must continue over the summer to keep your business running – schedule those – recurring. What is recurring now in your calendar that is not necessary in summer – delete those. Is there one extra day day or an extra 1/2 day during the week you can put a recurring HOLD on your time for PLAY – schedule that – recurring. Summer is short – you can come back to some things that are currently in your calendar in the fall. Let the summer season fill us up in new & different ways! These small calendar changes can help protect your time and for me – takes “shoulds” (I should be…) in my life to very intentional & efficiencies in my time. For me, this all leads to more joy!


Coming Soon is a new Moxi Impress Homepage – you’ll begin to see communication around this on the HUB on June 21st. More importantly however to me is making sure you are aware of the single-property websites available to you within the Moxi Impress toolbox. And better yet, it is another marketing touch for your Sellers – share in marketing plan, share in launch of listing (they might want to share it too!) etc… I’ve seen brokers spend a ton of time & money in designing single-property websites. Within Moxi Impress it takes minutes (literally) and already part of your toolbox as a Windermere broker – aka, doesn’t cost you anything further.

I shared a sample of this in a weekly training recently & I’m now seeing greater adoption. Click here for an example!


I’m going to drop a book recommendation within the “excellence – made visible” blurb this week. I’m currently reading it for a second time (ok, truth be told – listening to it while walking the dog!) – “Never Split the Difference – Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” – Chris Voss. Link here. Chris Voss was a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI. He takes each chapter in real high-stakes negotiations and offers the reader field-tested approaches to negotiations in all things – “whether in the boardroom or at home.” So good!


Let’s talk market. What is the story this week? Answer is: A mixed bag. Certainly still heated in demand yet also seeing offer review dates in some instances pass. Seeing 20 offers, 10 offers, 1 offer (on offer review. date) to an offer the day after review date. It all exists right now. This is a moment to double down on setting Seller expectations. Pre-launch of a new listing – a good question to ask your Seller – “If you were to receive one offer at this price, will you be ok with that?” Their answer will reveal where you are in currently setting Seller expectations.


A picture is worth a thousand words – right? Last Friday we filled our collective “do good” buckets as our network set out on Community Service Day 2021 yet something also happened – we filled an internal bucket in gathering safely. Our social connectivity is a real thing at Windermere. This too is in the midst of resurgence and I could not be more happy to be a part. Next week, I’ll be writing about the science behind social connectivity – it’s a thing – a key ingredient to our happiness.

It’s Friday, it’s beautiful, let’s get after it! And oh, before I go – back to the top of this blog post in resetting an ideal week within our calendars – this too gets into what we are stacking for fun! A great friend of mine shared with me this week her summer stack of fun reads – sharing with all of you as I sign off for today! I get to go catch a ferry with the family for some PLAY – Be well, be kind Laura

Ps, as always, give me a shout if you need anything – here to help – the ultimate goal. 206.227.7133

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week rolling in! I’m hitting the “pause” button on blog writing for the week for three reasons. 1. Early June is one of the lowest readership week(s) throughout the year. Yes, stats show me that tooo! 2. It’s all hands on deck right now with respect to navigating real estate with you. 3. It’s Community Service Day week – offices network wide are preparing to spend this Friday together – shoulder to shoulder (well, almost) to do good in the community. This is one of my favorite “Windermere” days of the year…

This Friday, please do include the hashtag #WindermereCSD on your social posts!

All IN, for community. – Laura

Memorial Day weekend | In remembrance.

Did you know? Each year on Memorial Day a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time.

Welcome to Friday before Memorial Day weekend! No sweep of this week or prep for next; instead – a nod in remembrance to those we remember & honor this weekend. I enjoyed reading about the history of Memorial Day here this morning while I started my day. Wherever you may roam this weekend – which appears to be brewing something gorgeous in our PNW – I hope you too find a moment to pause & remember.

In remembrance. – Laura

This week | week #3 architecture of resurgence

Hello on a Sunday. Catching up on reading et all from last week and preparing for the week ahead. Before I jump back into my “architecture of resurgence” series in content – an interesting read & perspective from Susanna Ryan, the author of the Seattle Walk Report who put together a viral Instagram post composed of real quotes from Seattleites complaining about Seattle, as featured in news articles and letters to the editor from the last 130 years. *Thank you Sol for the share!

Ps. Seattle wrapped up last week with 75.2% of Seattle residents 12 or older already having received at least one vaccine dose. We are doing our part I’d say! More to come from your offices on what masking looks like inside of the office. We all received the updated Real Estate Covid FAQ Friday afternoon and are putting next plans into place.

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible”


This week I wrapped week #6 of “The Science of Well-Being” class via From my class content I picked up on a subtly that was an ah-ha. The ah-ha concept is called WOOP. What is WOOP? Answer is: a science-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their wishes (wish, want, need, goal etc…), set preferences, and change their habits. Wish > Outcome > Obstacle > Plan.

Why did is peak my interest so much? Because this strategy brings to light a conscious effort to acknowledge the obstacle(s) in mapping out a plan around a desired outcome. This step (obstacle) I think – in my humble opinion – is missing in many strategies taught. If this peaks your interest – more right here.


I’m running a 10 week series within my offices around tools & marketing – to make a conscious effort to make what we have “more visible” and digestible. Last week’s hour was focused on Moxi Engage. I’m sharing this with you being that “flow” really does start with an organized database. If Moxi Engage is your tool – this hour is for you. I learned a few things too. 55 minute video with “Tuesday with Todd” and me – right here.


When thinking of excellence this week – I have a question for each of us to ponder. Where can we anticipate one more thing when helping a buyer or seller thru their process. I was reminded this week of the power of anticipation – it really is what makes someone great vs good. I’ll leave that right there to ponder.

And oh, here is a first that occurred for me last week in 23 years in real estate! Friday night I received a call from a broker at 8:43pm. She (listing broker) shared with me that at 8:34pm both a withdrawal of offer was delivered (to her) and mutual acceptance was delivered (from her to buyer) = both at 8:34pm! Imagine that! Excellence in that moment was her ability to stay calm (neutral) and realize quickly that it wasn’t so much about – are we in contract? More so, it became the art of identifying how to put the right buyer in contract who really wanted that home. Fortunately there were multiple offers. Well done, Isabelle Dowling! Well done.


Short of drop shipping each of you a crystal ball from my Amazon Prime account – a few possible optics from Windermere Insights: Are There Opportunities Ahead for Beleaguered Buyers?


This week: Tuesday, May 25th 12-1:30pm – LIVE lunch & learn (via zoom) with Dr. Quintard Taylor. We’ll be discussing The History of Housing Discrimination in Washington State: What Every Realtor Should Know. We hope to build upon the launch of this initial speaker series. If you don’t yet have the link – text me – I’ll send it to you. 206.227.7133.

Back to my prep for the week to come. Final round of the PGA on in the background – should be an interesting finish! The game of golf is fascinating to me at this level. My money is on Phil Mickelson becoming the oldest player to win a major.

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Be well, be kind – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | week #2 architecture of resurgence

Architecture of Resurgence | 5 areas of focus “made visible”


This week I had several opportunities to provide one of my all-time favorite videos on success; specifically “How Incredibly Successful People Think” – six minutes right here for you when you are ready.


Moxi Present – specifically a nod to the Buyer Tour template and suggested uses!

Buyer Tour – This template in Present is a perfect way to provide value in many ways – a few key points:

Interactive with buyers by having a ratings system and directions from one place to the next.

Set up an Open House Tour for buyer if you aren’t able to show them homes on a weekend – set up a buyer tour, they are able to rate each house and give feedback (that goes straight to your inbox), and get directions from each listing to the next. A little tip: in each listing you can edit the comments and put in what you think about the house to show you have already been through it, and your feedback…utilize video by creating a quick YouTube video at the start of the tour saying  “hello, and tell them about your favorite café between house 2 and 3 and you threw 10 bucks in their Venmo for a coffee on you”  — it’s a great way for buyers to know you are thinking of them and doing leg work for them without having to “physically be with them” if you have more than 1 buyer (and they will never know that they are not your only clients!)!

Create virtual tours with out-of-town buyers so they can be interactive while you are taking them through the house, or send over prior to going on a tour with your buyers so they know the plan, and have directions to each place.


Broker hosts an open house. Broker has prepared for the open house including use of her tools; specifically her Present tool (yup, the one from above!). Had Buyer Tour prepped (with local sales, open houses, etc…), visual on laptop and available for conversation with visitors. A couple engaged in said conversation – leaves open house – calls broker two hours later and says “we aren’t buyers, we actually need to sell our home and we were impressed with you, your prep, your set up, use of technology and are wondering if you’d be interested in selling our home?”

Drumroll please…yes, she said yes to the listing! Yet more to my point here, this is an example of both excellence in prep and a reminder (storytelling) that often those visiting open houses are too sellers. Prepare to engage in both conversations! People notice.


SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, May 25th 12-1:30pm – LIVE lunch & learn (via zoom) with Dr. Quintard Taylor. We’ll be discussing The History of Housing Discrimination in Washington State: What Every Realtor Should Know. We hope to build upon the launch of this initial speaker series. Participating offices will receive zoom link soon…

Ok, everyone – I’m no dummy, the sun is out and setting the stage for an incredible looking PNW weekend. Let’s wrap this up and get after it!

All in, for you. All in, for us. All in, for 70+ degree weather!