It’s Tuesday | The Seattle Melt of 2019

Are you, your people, your neighbors ready for The Seattle melt of 2019? It’s on…

Windermere Broker Michael Doyle shared this on Facebook this morning – too important not to share. In some ways our conditions seem more dangerous than in our previous days. Hope these tidbits help you or someone you know!


“Here are a few thoughts about melting snow, possible water intrusion and houses from Don McFeron at Scout Building Inspections:

Gutters and downspouts full of snow and ice can back up if it starts raining before the snow and ice melt.

Water backing up in the gutters can be a real problem if you have a house without much of a roof overhang, because instead of wetting the soffits, it can get into the walls.

Roof downspout in-ground drains can ice up, and then the water coming down the downspouts can spill out next to the foundation. If the house has a finished basement, the water next to the house could get into wall cavities through the footing-to-foundation joint, and any through-wall penetrations or cracks. Make sure that water coming out of the downspouts runs down into functioning in-ground drains, or route the water on the surface far enough away from the foundation that the water cannot run down next to it and get into the basement or the crawl space.

Snow in a basement window well can get up against the windows and window trim. When the snow melts it could get in through small gaps between the windows and trim.

Water from melting snow that has piled up against a door can get in through weep holes and weather stripping as it melts.

When you shovel a walkway, be careful to not pile the snow up against the side of the house.

Snow on a roof can get up under the flashing around skylights, chimneys, plumbing vents, attic ridge vents, etc. Pretty much all of the flashings and roof boots are designed to protect against water that is flowing down hill. Blowing snow can get under the edges of flashings or pack in around them and then drip down behind them as it melts. Usually the amount of water would not be noticeable, but in a situation where there are several inches of snow followed by a quick melt and a lot of rain, it could be a problem.

I cleared the snow off of my roof top deck tonight because the snow was deep enough that when it melted it could have gotten up under the siding, through gaps between the door to the roof or through perimeter flashings and into the house.  The through-wall drains were packed with snow so that water may not have been able to drain through them.

Keep dry,


I’ll ditto what home inspector Don articulated, stay dry…and stay safe! We lost a big cherry tree last night in our yard – sad. We are safe + sound – the best news.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |an idea worth spreading


Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! Snow that is…it really is here!

Several agencies, including NOAA have called todays snow to be one of the largest storms in Seattle’s history.  Time will tell around this prediction! In the immediate, I realize I may have very low readership today…instead of blogging content I had prepped (dusting off EM reminders, final call for converting your email account to 2-step before it is forced up on you (hint hint: “forced” 2-step begins Feb 15th! etc…) I’m simply going to give an idea worth spreading while the storm rolls in…

An idea 💡 worth sharing. Earlier this week while it was snowing my husband Chad called his clients – those specifically that he thought might need a little extra help during the snow + cold while he was getting around town just fine. He simply asked if they needed anything…

Think about those people who might appreciate that call – those that can’t get around, those not feeling well etc…might be the perfect lift in their day.

We “own” the human side of this business – always fun to find thoughtful ways to connect…

Stay safe + keep warm + be well👊🏻 Let’s help each other out as winter comes rolling in!

Ps, if you need anything – here to help☺️


Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |narrative + listing launch + a tattoo?


Welcome to Friday! A couple digestible bites to wrap up this week and prepare for next… ps, welcome to February, it’s here! Wow, January was a blur.

Remember KCM’s Steve Harney’s (Keeping Current Matters) four goals for brokers in 2019? 1. don’t panic 2. stay current daily 3. control the narrative and 4. every day, list *and when you list, price for what the home will sell for today = make prices compelling.

Here is a good blog post with respect to goal #3 “controlling the narrative“…I ran across this in helping two brokers prepare for their upcoming Home Buyer class!

“Is Student Loan Debt A Threat to Homeownership? No!” – Keeping Current Matters

Need a login to KCM to read article? | password: impact2019


For those of you getting ready to launch homes to the market – [aka, goal #4 above!]  – a small reminder with significant consequences around Listing Input! A tip to assure a successful launch!

On page #1 of Listing Input there is a yes/no drop down for “Internet Advertising” – choose yes if you want your listing to sweep and syndicate to the world correctly. Choosing “no” has significant consequences – aka, you’ll wonder + be waiting to see your new listing sweep to etc…to no avail. Imagine your angst and your client’s frustration if “no” is accidentally marked on LIP. It happened to one of our listing this week which brings me to “the why” in adding to FWL this week!


People have been asking about my tattoo commentary – stay tuned – next Friday more to come on that. A few pictures above to prime the pump. What is Laura up to? Lights + camera + action!

Welcome to Friday, good luck in a productive weekend in work & play!

All in, with you.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | it happened, wire fraud


What did you do last Friday night?…

Me? Tried to stop a crook.

It happened to us. Real wire fraud. Earnest money wired from one banking institution to another. The money is gone. Good news (hardly “good” in the big picture), our broker was on two-step verification on her email and thus appears she herself did not fall culprit to a phishing scam. Bad news, the optics appear that the client’s email/computer was hacked. The timeliness of the hacker was uncanny – sending an email to the Buyer pretending to be Broker (included appropriate broker email signature) giving wire instructions for Earnest Money the same day Buyer got into contract. Broker calls the Buyer Friday afternoon to T up obtaining their Earnest Money check in the “next couple of days” only to find out “oh, we already wired the money.” Eeks. I won’t go any further here in detail – I’m no dummy – my blog is a public domain – hackers included in access.

That said, this is what I have to say…

The very best protection we can do is continue to educate the consumer on wire fraud. Thus far we’ve been able to provide proper steps in disclosure – between you and client. Let’s now strongly consider taking our education one step further – an added addendum within the Purchase & Sale – giving all parties another point in education and frankly, potentially more meaningful in timing vs. lost in the shuffle during disclosure packets.

(Note: Demco still wants the Wire Fraud disclosure to be a stand alone document with your client vs. lumped into one large disclosure packet)

Your manager will go over the details of our new addendum at your next office meeting – Wire Transfer Addendum. (WRE Form 49). This addenda has been penned by Demco and now lives within Company forms on NWMLS. I figured the best and only way towards adoption was to house this on the NWMLS. Once we see this addenda out in the field and in play it may need revisions. For now, we’ve got it – let’s use it + see how it goes…

Friday’s wire fraud is unfortunate fuel to push us getting to 100% adoption onto two-step verification with your email address. Great news, I believe our offices are just about 100% there – that was a heavy lift – THANK YOU ALL!

Real stuff. Thanks for keeping wire fraud + cyber security Top Of Mind with your clients and in your practice.

Ps, I’ll give a shout out to our tech folks who created (WORC password required for login). This was a helpful resource to all of us involved last Friday night and helpful in taking action – where we could.

I am certainly looking forward to a better Friday night tonight than last week! First though, off to Skin & Soul Tattoo – more on “the why” in the coming weeks! Hint hint: think video shoot, think marketing, think surrounding yourself with creative people is a good thing! Stand by…

By the way, did you see this muscle flexed this week? A beautiful muscle…


That was an easy media share – and one very much worth flexing…#WeAreWindermere and we are very much rooted actively within our communities. All in, with you.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.


Laura Smith


It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | word + focus + talking points


Welcome to Friday! I have plenty to say, plenty to share – let’s get right to it! First, a couple housekeeping items to digest…

Office Hours and Computation of Time

Offices Closed this Monday in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr Day. If you are working within purchase and sale agreements nice & early in the year (aka, now and heading into the weekend) – when computing time, regard Monday January 21st as a legal holiday.

On Tuesday, the security around the NWMLS website is being updated = meaning we’ll all need to do a one time heightened security login. A 3 minute video has all the scoop – click here if you are curious, before Tuesday.


By The Numbers & Beyond the Headlines

Windermere Stats thru December are out with refreshed talking points for both Seattle & Eastside. Ready for you to digest… Click here. *if you need this month’s password: text me, 206.227.7133. We approach another season in setting Seller expectations – pricing for “the now” & educating Buyers – these facts & figures do a good job in setting the table for both you and your clients. Designed for YOU!

I’m optimistic for 2019 – I do believe we are going to have an absolutely fine year and may even see an increase in sales for 2019 – overall.  That said, I heard a very good story worth sharing as we will continue to face more headlines that we’ll need to move beyond and work with. Let’s call these headlines “trade winds.” We will have wind…

On the eve on of one of The Master’s golf tournaments, Tiger Woods was asked – “what do you think of the wind?” Tiger’s reply…

…”the wind doesn’t both me. However the wind can create doubt, doubt creates tension and tension can effect my golf swing.”

A collective goal for us this year will be to not let “wind” bother us – aka, impact our golf swing. In order to do this I agree with KCM’s Steve Harney (Keeping Current Matters) and his four goals for this year coming out of his January Monthly Market Report: 1. don’t panic 2. stay current daily 3. control the narrative and 4. every day, list *and when you list, price for what the home will sell for today = make prices compelling. *I must thank the KCM team for the Tiger Woods story, on wind.


What is your word?

Up for a challenge? Good, let’s do it. Set one word for the this year. Setting a word can help guide you throughout the year with clear intention and keep you on track, both professionally and personally. Think of this word as a mini business plan – it’s easy to remember – especially if you hit a patch of “wind” – which we all will. In 2017 my word was Impact. In 2018, my word was Play. In 2019, my word is FOCUS.

Why is Laura’s word FOCUS? Glad you asked…

Recently I was listening to a podcast with Oprah & author, Daniel Goleman’s, on “Emotional Intelligence and why it can matter more than IQ”.  At one point in their conversation they referenced “focus” as a flabby muscle and one that needs to become more fit. The gist, people are distracted most of the time.

Then, good friend and broker, Tammy Heldridge from our Sand Point office share this article with me…seriously, read it! Click here.

How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing

Tired: Shallow work. Wired: Deep work.

There you have it. As I was searching for my “word” for 2019, I can thank Oprah, Daniel and Tammy for FOCUS. Ps, I’ve asked many of you what your word is for 2019 – and so far this is what I’ve heard…

grind + shift + hopeful + cautious + focused + strong + awesome possum + resilience + new + balance + brave + excited + winning + improve + appreciation + baller status + boom + impactful + trump + confidence + ownership + advance

What is your word? I really do want to know! This stuff matters.

Laura Smith

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.


It’s (Monday)! | Podcast topics + YOU


Why oh why am I hearing from Laura on a Monday, it is not Friday?

Answer is:

Lining up my next podcast for 2019 and I want to hear from YOU in what content + conversations you want more of!

Please text, email or post a comment on this blog post if you have an opinion. The content + conversations are designed with YOU in mind. Next up I’ll no doubt get Demco Law Firm & David Daniel back mic’d up…

What else?

Who else?

Guests outside of our real estate industry?

With gratitude, Laura Smith

…206.227.7133 (cell)

*and yes, you’ll still hear from me this Friday – I have plenty to say in the New Year. Welcome 2019! I am glad you are here and extremely optimistic about YOU.






It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | a top 10 mash up

Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! First of the New Year – hello 2019 – we are glad you are here!

Top ten items to consider in setting your table for 2019. No theme here outside of what is on my mind that I want to share with you today as we sweep + launch into 2019.

1. Is your calendar relevant or cluttered? Do you have recurring calendar items that are no longer relevant? Delete them, now. Make space for productive relevant time.

2. Ready for a bio refresh? We have a bio writer standing by – just ask at

3. Marking needs beyond the basics? W Creative has their lights turned on for us! Submit inquiries to – ps, make this creative agency a contact in your database – people/marketing agency designed for your marketing needs – big + small.

4. Save the date. COMPLIMENTARY, 3 clock hours! The content will be a mash up between Lars Neste & Troy St George with current title & legal topics!

Tuesday, March 12
9:30 to 12:30
Center For Urban Horticulture
*sign up in roughly 4 weeks*
Ps: if you think you already have taken this class – it will have a new class # so you can still add to your clock hours!
Checking things off my list for 2019!  Today is the second morning in waking in our new home! All the feels of “change” yet good ones. One item that naturally occurred during our move was evaluating our homeowners insurance which led to auto insurance and the like. If you haven’t had all insurance needs evaluated in awhile, good idea to do so. Call your insurance company or have an independent look with your partner in Moreland Insurance. Either way, be sure you are up to date in “the right” coverage and see if you can’t put a few more dollars back into your life/business 2019 – aka, see if you can save a few bucks on the same or better coverage? Check in on both. Glad we did.

5. Keeping Current Matters (KCM).  I have given Steve Harney and his KCM crew many shout outs over the months/years. Another plug for his good work – my favorite part being his Monthly Market Reports. These audio reports are released around the 10th of each month. Consider scheduling a reoccurring event in your calendar to listen in. Don’t have an account? No problem – try their two week trial or borrow my account login credentials as needed: | password: impact2019 | KeepingCurrentMatters website here.

6. All Double Down podcasts are now available + archived here – the homepage of my website – scroll to the bottom. If you missed December’s Episode (#11)  – here is the skinny:

“With the media being one of the biggest factors in our real estate marketplace, Windermere Real Estate Co. brokers Catherine Adams and Sabrina Booth join Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner and myself to move beyond the headlines.

With Seattle now more diverse economically than ever, we dig into our current real estate market and hash out what parts of this market feel familiar and in what ways.” – Double Down, Episode #11


7. Call/text, here to help. Haven’t yet programmed my cell phone into your contacts as an additional layer of support heading into the New Year? Go for it, 206.227.7133.
8. Podcast guests. Who do you want to hear mic’d up in 2019? Think anyone, think out of the box – I know I am!  Add a comment to this blog post, text me, call me, email me! I want to know. Lining up the guests! Better to know what is important to YOU, always!

9. A word from Christopher Robin.Promise me you’ll always remember: Your braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – CR

10. Go Seahawks!!!

That’s a wrap on my Top Ten mash up for this week – let’s level up, giddy up, show up in 2019! In partnership with you, and so darn grateful to be.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.