It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |a third mind


On creating a “third mind”…

Welcome to Friday, let’s take our sweep! This week I spent an incredible two days in Fort Collins, CO with 12 master coaches within our field. Over the next few weeks I’ll be weaving this content + conversations + coaching into Fridays with Laura.

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

…to that end, my goal in blog content over the next few weeks will be to take the content I will be sharing with you, dive deeper and create a “third mind” – a mastermind in collaboration – via these blog posts. It will take your participation to be successful – hope you’ll come along! All in, with you.


This week, I have two questions for you. Please consider posting a comment and engage in this conversation with me – creating a mastermind! [Comment section located in the upper lefthand corner of this blog post]

Question #1 | Finish this sentence…

*You see a successful broker and you think to yourself, what are they doing to be successful? It’s probably because…

This week, I answered this question like this…“because they are focused.”

How would you answer this question? Share it, leave a comment, let’s talk about it!

Question #2 | What does your whiteboard look like?

*Sharing with you what a successful whiteboard looks like. My challenge to you > keep these “vital signs” and “pipeline” updated weekly. This set up will show you exactly where you are with respect to your goals + keep you on pace to grow your skills.

**Imagine what is possible if you are able to keep up this weekly habit?

***oh, you don’t have a whiteboard? Ah great, opportunity in starting out on the right track from the beginning…


****And if you can not read my chicken scratch for handwriting, these are the “buckets” to fill up each week…

Vital Signs [goal in sides / side closed to date + GCI goal / goal achieved to date]

Pending w/ Close Dates

Listings w/ Expiration Dates

Referrals [both incoming + outgoing]

Skill to learn “this week.” [example / real estate review]

“Hot list” [include name and whether they are a buyer/seller or both]

“Warm list” [include a name and whether they are a buyer/seller of both]

There you have it. A couple digestible bites from a solid two days with 12 of the best master coaches within our industry. More to come, each Friday! Please fill up the “comment” box with your answer to: “It’s probably because…”

…and big hello to Friday night, Easter weekend, Earth Day upcoming and the official start to spring break with my family – welcome, all of it!


All in, for you.


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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith


It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | March madness is a wrap…


…and by March madness, I mean both on the hardwoods and off the court. FWL has put a bow on the March #’s – the “science.” How is our Seattle market stacking up to the March madness (red hot) of 2018? How are we stacking up to last month? Good questions, let’s dig in…

I’m posting a few digestible bites below. We’ve posted a full set of talking points and reports for Seattle & Eastside, including a 2018 year in review of waterfrontclick here.

Need the password? Ask your office or text me – 206.227.7133!


SEATTLE (based on Residential and Condominium report)

Seattle Residential and Condo YTD through March 2019 vs March 2018:

> Pending sales are up 9.4% (2,554 vs 2,334)

> Prices are down 4.3% (March 2019 closed median = $698,498 vs March 2018 $730,000)

> Months Supply of Inventory is 1.3 months – lowest in 9 months (since June 2018)

> Arguably, the Costs of Waiting a year turned out ok for buyers if you factor interest rates & median prices. *30 year fixed -0.17% YOY (4.27% vs 4.44%)


There you have it, your monthly dose of numbers! Digesting them, knowing them, understanding them helps you better educate your clients and position each of them for success. Need help getting there? Just ask.

Welcome to Friday! Let’s get after it…

All in, for you.

#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith


It’s Friday, let’s sweep!|can one have two masters?


FWL encompasses a note from the editor today, oh that is me!

Last week’s blog post led a few readers to believe I was promoting the practice of dual agency. Let’s clean that up. How do I really feel about dual agency? Answer: best summed up in a question posed to an audience a few years back from Demco Law Firm within a legal update class…

“Can one have two masters?” – Lars Neste, attorney

Think about it? Can you? My answer: I don’t believe you truly can. Are you truly able to provide both parties all that is laid out within The Law of Agency? I know, the law allows for it. It doesn’t change my opinion. And when I see dual agency done, I seldom see it done correctly.  A broker who wishes to be a dual agent must first obtain a separate written agency agreement with each party = typically a Listing Agreement is already in place with a Seller and a broker would too need and a Buyer Agency Agreement in place. The first page of the purchase and sale agreement isn’t good enough = that only handles the disclosure part.

Windermere’s Standards of Practice mindfully crafted an Awareness Checklist around Dual Agency to help you determine risk and to help Windermere brokers either decline dual agency all together or take steps up-front to control risk. Curious to see it? Ping me, find your manager or track down your office’s Standards of Practice rep.

A couple item digestible bites from the Awareness Checklist on Dual Agency:

*Always consult your manager or designated broker before undertaking a dual agency, describing fully any risk factors.

*If you are a seller or buyer (or landlord or tenant), or have an ownership interest in the seller or buyer, legally you cannot be a dual agent.

…and, back to my original question though…“Can one have two masters?”

Always consider alternatives to engaging in dual agency. Want to talk more around this topic, happy to chat.

Submit your “All In” stories here! We want to know them…

All in, for you.

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Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith


It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | top 10 time


It’s Friday, let’s sweep the week! Time for another Top 10 – it’s been awhile. My Top 10 from this week…in digestible bites for you!

  1. All in Stories. Last week we launch our “All in, for you” campaign. This week, we had one of our own, a Sand Point broker, submit a story! Can you guess who this is?

…I had a Bremerton waterfront listing last fall. I had just brought it to market and needed to get to the property to install my sign. I also had gotten a call from a potential buyer, who wanted to meet me at the property at 11:00 am. I live near the Sand Point office and quickly realized that with Montlake traffic completely backed-up, I would never make it to downtown Seattle by car, to catch the ferry to Bremerton by and make the showing appointment at 11. So I hopped on a Lime Bike and while holding my sign, biked to the UW light rail station. I then carried my sign onto the light rail and took it downtown to the Pioneer Square station. From there, I walked onto the Bremerton Ferry (just in time). I then arrived in Bremerton with about 5 minutes to spare. I walked form the ferry terminal to the listing with the sign under my arm. Success!

2. Did you every see Laura’s new tattoo? If you are curious, click here.

3. W Creative. A reminder of your in-house real estate creative services – designed for you, when you need them. W Creative website here.

4. Housing Department Slaps Facebook with Discrimination Charge. Article here.

5. Seattle is Dying. No political statement here – simply a statement in awareness being that this documentary is a very hot topic and we are deeply rooted in our communities. It’s one hour. Click here.

6. To the contrary of Seattle Dying…Seattle in Progress. I was reminded this week of a great resource in seeing what is being built in Seattle – here.

7. Moreland Insurance. We had a win this week in helping a client find insurance after having a difficult time. Moreland for the win. A reminder of this tool in your back pocket. Ps, insurance is one of those things we forget about in referring to our clients- however, those obtaining financing = turns out, they need it and need it in a timely fashion! Let’s give them a referral. I’ve been nothing but impressed with Moreland’s service.  Moreland connection here.

8. The move! With our move to the new house I finally remembered to change my address! Geez, one might think I would have been on top of that detail sooner! Online resource here.

9. Did you know? Did you know we have a Windermere Form (WRE Form 28) entitled, Windermere Customer Agreement – No Agency Between Buyer and Broker. We had a need this week to put this in Agreement in play = broker writing a contract on behalf of a purchaser who was not entering into an agency relationship. I hadn’t thought about this form in a while – thought I’d share it with you. This form is located on the NWMLS > Xpress Forms > Additional Forms > Company Forms > Windermere > WRE Form 28. *or just ask me for it!

10. Go M’s! My march madness brackets are on the verge of being completely busted –  however the good news, Mariners won their season opener – 12 to 4 vs the Red Sox. Go figure! Go M’s. Let’s play ball!


#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm #ThankYou

Submit your stories here! We want to know them.

All in, for you.

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith




It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |Coca-Cola kept their secret recipe…


“Coca-Cola kept their secret recipe locked in a vault for 86 years. Ours can be found on this flash drive”Julie Dey, VP of Marketing | Windermere Services

Recently, Windermere Services gave Owners + Managers a behind-the-scenes look at what they have been doing to bring the Windermere brand to life. This week it was all about you and Windermere beginning to come “off mute” for you. In your upcoming office meetings you too will have the behind-the-scenes look at our new creative work – including an internal video about this project, findings from our research, our brand foundation, North Star declaration [also an internal piece for us], and visual expression to tie it all together. As I referenced in last week’s blog post, beginning March 21st [yesterday] Windermere will be hard to miss…

On a personal note however, as the digestible bite for this week, I want to share a letter I and all other owners received from Jill Wood. I began today – March 22nd – at an annual  fundraiser for Pocock’s Row to the Future benefit breakfast. Rowing was not a sport I was exposed to in my early athletic life – instead, it was a sport I was exposed to simply being associated with Windermere. One of the speaker’s today made reference to rowing being a sport that you move forward by looking backwards. As you digest Jill’s letter – think about how moving forward by looking backwards applies to us. In bringing our Windermere brand to life, I believe it has everything to do with us moving forward.


Dear Laura,

It seems like every day, I hear another inspiring “Windermere story” about an agent going above and beyond for a grateful client. As an organization, we almost take it for granted: this is a culture that attracts a certain kind of individual, and, once here, they’re surrounded by mentors and peers who take immense pride in the customer service they provide.

This year, we have made a commitment to be counted among the most customer-obsessed companies in the world. The great news is, unlike most companies, you and your agents don’t really have to change single thing you’re doing. You just have to keep doing whatever it takes to connect your clients with their dreams, every single day. You just have to keep living out new Windermere stories.

As you know, we’ve been working diligently to capture the essence and value proposition of the Windermere brand, to help all of us embrace what makes us different and begin to communicate those differences in a relevant, powerful way.

We’ve been on “Mute” for too long. You and your agents have essentially been authoring stories that our competitors, new and old, simply cannot tell.

In the next few weeks, you’ll be receiving our Brand North Star & Expression Kit, that will provide the roadmap to our future success in the face of a changing and increasingly competitive landscape.

Some real estate companies are telling what essentially a technology story, about ones and zeroes. Our stories are more about connecting humans with their dreams.

May the real estate company with the best stories win.

All in, for you,

Jill Wood

As of yesterday, we came “off mute.” You + I will keep authoring stories worth sharing – those that are the essence of our brand.

…and as we row forward by looking backwards, if you have authored a story you’d be willing to share – please do. Let us shout it out on your behalf. Please share your secret recipe, your story here:

Ps, The Windermere agent stories you will see on tv ads and the like are all real. These ingredients are what differentiates us. There is zero need to keep our recipe locked in a vault for the years moving forward.

#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm #ThankYou

All in, for you,

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |a brain teaser + a thank you + trends + a hard to miss campaign


It’s Friday, let’s sweep! First up, a brain teaser…

The more you take the more you leave behind? What am I? Where is Laura going with this? Stick with me…


First, a note worth shouting out from broker, Mike Woods:

“After 25 years as the Foundation Rep for Ballard I’ve made the difficult choice to step down and hand over the keys to Sara Medford the Ballard Windermere Foundation Representative.

I’ve been on the look out for a replacement for the past few years and Sara came along with such leadership, energy, idea’s and focus that it made the decision very easy that I could turn over the reigns and to the foundation duties at our office knowing they are in such great hands.

It’s been a real honor and privilege these past 25 years to serve the Foundation as the representative for the Ballard office, it’s made me a better person and has been a very grounding and humbling experience.   I’m very grateful that you lend your support to keeping the Foundation going and growing each and every year, it has such a huge impact on so many people lives it’s hard to put in words how important it is.  Thank you all very much, it really makes a life changing experience for all those that we are able to help out.” – Mike Woods, Windermere Real Estate Co. | Ballard

Brain teaser answer is: footsteps…

Mike Woods, your 25 years of footsteps in service has made a tremendous impact within the fabric of our local communities – one that is felt well beyond any one of us will really ever  know. We all thank you for each footstep and in helping our Windermere Foundation to flex that beautiful muscle to help others in need. Can’t thank you enough!

Ready for a few digestible bites in trends thus far in 2019?


Let’s look at the science thru February 2019:

Full report here Ps, need the password? Text me: 206.227.7133

Too early to call after two months yet the early signs are in that we are returning to a multiple offer market.

Based on Seattle Residential and Condominium

Multiple offers are happening, and with increasing frequency (still short of the frenzy of past springs).

20% of February closed sales sold for more than original list price vs 64% a year ago (up from 11% in January 2019)

13% of February closed sales sold at original list price vs 12% a year ago (up from 11% in January 2019)

Interest rates are equal to a year ago and down ½ a point from a recent high in November 2018. *Payments on median closed sales price is down from $3,546 (February 2018) to $3,443 (February 2019).

Prepare our Buyers to be competing with other buyers:

*Pre-inspections *Become eligible for Penrith’s Guaranteed Loan *After getting a Guaranteed loan from any lender, talk with Buyer Capital to make your offer as good as cash. Note: we’ll be working to run your thru this new resource in Buyer Capital!

Listings are coming, see the new listings taken in the month for March through June for the past three years.

Sellers still need to consider pricing towards the bottom end of the value range instead of the high end:

47% of sellers in February had to change their price to create a sale. As stated above, listings coming…

…and oh, why not add a little luck to the mix as well!

St. Patrick's Day v2

A special note:  be on the look out next week for an email from Julie Day – WRE Services, VP of Marketing. Julie will begin to prime the pump for our media campaigns. Let’s just say that rumor has it, starting March 21st…Windermere will be hard to miss!

All in, for you,

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |Seller conversations continued…



It’s Friday, let’s sweep! Coming off of last week’s blog post around Seller Conversations I would be remiss to not share that indeed we did sell our home. Closing date is set for March 25th, 2019. In the immediate, I’ll give the play by play – the digestible bites, the x’s + o’s of how things played out. Once we are Closed I’ll write and podcast more in depth, specifically around the hidden things we brokers can naturally forget when we ourselves haven’t transacting in some time. For us, The Smith’s hadn’t transacted for 14.5 years. April’s podcast will run through the “emotional investments of buying and selling.” Maybe it is the psychology degree in me – this stuff fascinates me! And yes, our little family of four had BIG “feels” around all of this transition.

Here is the play by play…

List date of Wednesday, February 27th.

We did decided to review offers on Monday, March 4th.

$1,250,000 list price, View Ridge neighborhood

As Sellers we had decided to control for all that we could control for prior to list. We did a sewer scope (that yes, turned into sewer line work = worth every penny). We staged (worth every penny). We had one bathroom we had not remodeled – we remodeled (worth every penny). We had windows washed. We had power washing done. We painted anywhere that needed touchup. We had carpets professionally cleaned. We refreshed landscaping, including new sod in the back.

Once I knew we had controlled for what we could, I trusted in the process. The process worked.

Monday, offer review date: We had two offers – one good, one GREAT. One broker presented to our listing broker, the other broker chose to present to us (hint hint: the GREAT offer chose to present to us). Both offers had pre-inspections. *Earnest Money was converted to a non-refundable deposit and is in our bank account. If this gives you any indication of spring market…well, game on.

Closing date is quick: March 25th, 2019. I’m filling out our Sellers Packet from CW Title & Escrow today!

Coming soon – post successful Close of our home: Podcast, episode #12, The Emotional investment of buying and selling. Any side bets if I can get my husband Chad on this Episode? Ps, I’m serious + hoping so! We’ll see if he reads this – stand by on that!

Before then, let’s hit repeat on last week’s podcast – Seller Conversations. All very relevant to preparing for spring! And keep in mind, more often than not, it’s the timing of having these critical Seller Conversations that makes them most impactful for both you and your Seller! Tune in…


If you’d like to dive even deeper around critical “Seller Conversations” + earn three clock hours + take a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island to do it all – check this out + register! Again, day trip anyone?

Ok spring market…#Let’sGo #HereToHelp #WeAreWindermere

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith