Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | “Adjusting your sails”…

Last Sunday Morning, broker Kristin Munger and I poured ourselves our morning coffee from our respective kitchens and mic’d up yet again to deep dive into strategy in use of stats, as I quote Kristin, “adjust the sails for the (real estate market) wind now.” We take a few minutes to show you (step by step) how Kristin pulls reports within the NWMLS in educating her clients. We show you how different our micro markets are. We hope we put you in a place of greater confidence with your clients.

Our conversation goes 37 minutes – all right here – when you are ready to listen in!

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura

Ps, us three can’t wait to see you at Homecoming next week! Happy 50th anniversary Windermere. It is officially time to gather, celebrate and bring our curiosity across our network in learning – in the city where it all started – our hometown, Seattle.

Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | Industry, sneakers & school bells ring again!

I noticed lots of humans catching up on life this summer! Thank goodness. Fridays with Laura (aka, me) is super happy to be back writing. Indeed taking that “space in between” – that space between stimulus and response (a pause in writing) – promoted tremendous creativity and awareness for what is next; together. Let’s get started…

Industry wise there is no shortage on ways to prepare for statewide NWMLS Forms changes taking effect, Oct 3rd. As the attorneys on the “Battle of the Barristers” stated last week best – this isn’t so much a set of forms changes as industry changes. A few additional support tools to keep us preparing & learning…

Forms changes specific. Continued NWMLS learning sessions – virtual and live. See homepage on NWMLS for dates & registration.

Windermere coaching minute podcastThe power of using a buyer’s agency agreement 100% of the time – here.

Ep. 17 podcast with Laura & Greg Lewis.  “Discovering a process with Buyer Agency Agreements” here.

WA Realtors legal hotlineIndustry Evolution: Part 5, Buyer Broker Compensation – here.

Watch Windermere HUB for more interviews released soon with your peers…

…and as always, lean on your office meetings and engagement to really dive deep!

October 16th – save the date and find your sneakers! Sharing with you all a way to get involved in our Windermere Foundations 50 in 50 campaign – we are inching closer to the finish line!

About the Windermere Home Run

The Windermere Sand Point and Wedgwood offices have teamed up to put on the Home Run for all of us. This 5k fun run & walk and kids run will help continue driving much needed resources to support low-income and those facing housing insecurity within our community. All details here.

Lace them up, invite others (friends, family, clients) to lace up with you (live or virtual) & I’ll see you there!

If you haven’t yet followed @windermereco.seattle on IG – consider it! We’ll be launching more campaigns soon. And really, we want to follow you back & amplify your content where it makes sense. After the school bell rings this afternoon, check our IG for a fun back to school post spotlighting a few of our WinderKids! The SPS school strike is behind us, kids & teachers are back and we celebrate all of them today at the end of their big week! They inspire all of us to keep learning. Good luck this year, @windermereco.seattle is rooting for you all!

All inwith you. – Laura

August sweep! That space in between.

Welcome to August 2022 everyone! I’m watching metrics dwindle late summer in blog readership. I get it! Humans are catch up on life and summer provides a natural playground to do so. Instead of writing and hoping the words will land on the page as impact, I’ll join you. I will take August with that “space in between”…that space between stimulus and response; written like this in an equation…

S ( ) R

That space in between stimulus and response is golden – promoting creativity and awareness for what is next. Fridays with Laura will be back in September – for what is next…a very strong finish to 2022 and strategic planning for 2023 – with each of you.

Until then, if you need anything: 206.227.7133 c. – here to help, the ultimate goal.

Ps, if you haven’t followed @windermereco.seattle yet on IG – consider it! We’ll be launching more campaigns soon…

All in, with you. – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | I am…

Welcome to it, Friday has arrived! I am going to challenge you to think differently today – specifically around your goals. Before I challenge you, I want you to conjure up a big goal. You know, one of those you think about and aren’t yet willing to say out loud. It might be business related. It might be personal. It might integrated in both. Take that goal and convert it to an I am statement.

I am ____________________ .

Ok, ready?! Here is an idea to help you arrive there. It is a newer theory rooted in the latest research findings on performance. A concept called “Goal Fusion.” Angela Duckworth (scientist, professor, researcher, and author) speaks to the the Seahawks following a recent practice around this topic: 3 minutes & 13 seconds right here on “Goal Fusion.”

Thank you to Kamila Kennedy for the image above and thank you Dina Harvey Jardine for the link above. You both have helped set an inspired coarse for me in the next several weeks of blog writing! Can’t wait to share what is on my mind in “thinking differently.” For today however, it is all about your “I am ____________” statement. Spend August with this concept as you integrate work & summer play into one. It’s a good time to think and prepare for the 2022 homestretch together. I’m right here with you.

Next week, I’ll be sharing my current theory on hospitality in our business. There is a real opportunity within right now and it costs you very little. Hint hint: surprise & delight

Have a wonderful weekend in work & play – All in, with you. – Laura

Ps, this morning’s early thoughts and sweep of this week brought to you by a few miles on my board. This is my kind of work/play integration…

It’s Monday, welcome to a new week!

As promised, Kristin & I brewed more coffee, mic’d up and discussed “now” systems, data, approach & conversations with clients. We hope this sets you in a good direction for the day(s) & week(s) ahead within a transitioning market.

Brew a cup & join us, right here. 🎤 (47 minutes)

Ps, I referenced the below idea – within this episode – give it a quick glance then dive right in. Remember, there is no one “right” way or system to approach what we do – the key is to discover yours.

…one idea to help promote a Seller pricing well vs aspirational

Deciding a list price can be difficult for sellers and listing brokers. Trying on a Denise Lones idea: 

• Pick the best comparable properties from the active competition.

• Print out listing detail redacting any pricing details. Number each property and write price (list price for active and pending and sold price for solds) on the back of the report. Then show seller the photos from each property and ask them to order the properties based on their opinion of price (lowest to highest).

• Then have seller state where they think their house fits.

• Flip over the reports and see how close they were.

And here is a challenge for you: Without the ability to use the word “shift” or “correction” when speaking of the current market environment with clients – what word(s) would you use? *drop your word(s) in the comment section! Our words to guide our clients matter.

Have a great week, here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

It’s Friday…mic’d up Sunday…

Kristin Munger and I will mic up this Sunday am and talk about test piloting the below Denise Lones strategy this week with Sellers

…one idea to help promote a Seller pricing welvs aspirational

Deciding a list price can be difficult for sellers and listing brokers. Trying on a Denise Lones idea: 

• Pick the best comparable properties from the active competition.

• Print out listing detail redacting any pricing details. Number each property and write price (list price for active and pending and sold price for solds) on the back of the report. Then show seller the photos from each property and ask them to order the properties based on their opinion of price (lowest to highest).

• Then have seller state where they think their house fits.

• Flip over the reports and see how close they were.

How did it go for Kristin this week in piloting this strategy (and other Seller conversations)? Tune in Sunday with a fresh cup of coffee…

And here is a challenge for you: Without the ability to use the word “shift” or “correction” when speaking of the current market environment with clients – what word(s) would you use? *drop your word(s) in the comment section! Our words to guide our clients matter.

More soon, welcome to a beautiful PNW Friday all! – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s…

turn on an autoresponder and turn off my adult brain for a bit! Traveling in California with my kiddos for a hoop tournament. This beach bag is filled with the essentials – aka, not much at all.

To the surf, sand, basketball courts and various hotel rooms I go – I’ll be back in a flash again writing more digestible bites as we navigate the summer market and prepare for the 2nd half of 2022. Beach & hoops first – the rest to follow…

Go find your weekend (and per below, a dose of fun)! – Laura

Ps, saw this in a surf shop today in Laguna Beach, CA – pretty good mantra to lead us into a weekend…

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | in other news…

Welcome to Friday of the upcoming long fourth of July holiday weekend! While I suspect you all aren’t ready to digest more information today, stats, market commentary or headlines I will use today’s blog post to welcome our 2022 UW Aspire cohort to their summer internship! We welcomed this week 18 University of Washington students from the College of Built Environments to the beginnings of their summer programming this week – a headline I can really get behind!

Spending time with these young academic minds within this group again brings me a sense of curiosity, vision for the future and healthy dose of hope. While they join us for the summer to learn; we too learn as much from them. The College of Built Environments is home to five departments: architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, real estate, and urban design & planning.

While the UW is focused on creating future leaders within these fields Windermere is again doubling down in our efforts to help create diversity within the real estate profession, and on a long-term goal of increasing prosperity by making home ownership accessible to more people.

If you see them around, say hello! They are future leaders and we are hoping to pay it forward in what we know so far…and build together from there…

Pictured above: Aspire interns this week kicked off with Matthew Gardner & Michael Fanning. Thanks guys for paying it forward!

Welcome everyone to the July 4th holiday weekend, everyone! Be well, stay safe. – Laura

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Goodbye June-uary

Welcome to Friday y’all. June-uary has left the building – thank you and hello summer! It now looks & feels like it and you all deserve this! This week’s sweep will be in record time with a replay on last week’s conversation with Kristin & Sol in approaching pricing in a turning market. The twists & turns will be our roads ahead – at least the sun will hopefully allow us to see it a bit more clear!

This week a drumroll in a handful of reminders…

If you haven’t signed up for NWMLS forms revisions class – do it! *see NWMLS home page to do so.

CW added a new doc on their escrow resource page, “Important Notes Regarding Cooperative Sales (co-ops). Resource page here. If you are not yet familiar with CW’s resource tab for both Title & Escrow – do it! So good – I go there often after 23 years in the business for direction. PDF’s are great client facing docs too in education.

This week we ran across a scenario that made us dig back up Demco’s 2014 legal bulletin – “Home Security Cameras and Listings: What Brokers and their Clients need to know” *worth a review! Where can I find this? HUB > Work > Legal (tab) > Legal Bulletins (ordered by title & year).

Listing brokers: Are you looking for that NWMLS Form to remove a Seller’s phone number from LIP? Reminder, in April 2022 – Rule 11(b)(ii) – Seller Phone Number – was revised (thus Form to do so no longer exists!):

Rule 11(b)(ii) will be revised to make the seller’s phone number optional – as opposed to required. Under the current Rule, the seller’s phone number must be included in the listing unless a seller requests the number be omitted and the listing firm uploads the seller’s written request to the listing.

And to wrap this week, a replay of last’s week’s mic’d up conversation with Kirstin, Sol & myself being there are twists & turns in the roads ahead. Mic’d up right here.

Now, go grab your favorite chilled beverage – one of mine as pictured above – and go soak up the good stuff from that orange ball in the sky! – Laura

Ps, if clouds make a come back and yes, they will – maybe look at them a little differently…

Philosopher Alan Watts on mistakes:

“Regard yourself as a cloud, in the flesh, because you see, clouds never make mistakes. Did you ever see a cloud that was misshapen? Did you ever see a badly designed wave? No, they always do the right thing. But, if you will, treat yourself for a while as a cloud or a wave and realize that you can’t make a mistake whatever you do. Because even if you do something that appears totally disastrous, it will all come out in the wash somehow or another. Then through this capacity you will develop a kind of confidence. And through confidence you will be able to trust your own intuition.”

Source: Taoism: Way Beyond Seeking

It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Approach(es) to pricing in a turn…

Welcome to Friday everyone! As graduation ceremonies wrap, classrooms pack up for the summer, we begin to look for our sunglasses and we await June-uary to turn to a hopeful summer to catchup on part of our lives that have been on pause, we hit the roads in a turning real estate market. Whether you are hitting the pavement on a road trip or staying local we will all turn into something different with a few twists & turns.

On the real estate front, I mic’d up two brokers today and dug into their approach (different & similar) to pricing. Grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable and please join Kristin Munger, Sol Villarreal & myself for 58 minutes as we talk about the “now” landscape; including a real time look at “how” to build trust in pricing conversations with both buyers & sellers.

A cup of coffee & conversation here with Kristin & Sol!

…and for a few more odds & ends from other local professionals – you might recognize one of them in her red pants – a quick read here.

As I sign off, a nod to both Juneteenth & all the dads – thankful for both.

Ps, for Computation of Time on your PSA agreements – please regard Monday, June 20th 2022 as a legal holiday. Juneteenth is a legal holiday under Washington law.

All in, for you. All in, for us. – Laura