It’s Friday | setting your table

Fridays with Laura will be my vehicle to recap this week and prep for the next! Let’s face it, you have a lot of content coming your way as you navigate our real estate market and minimal time to sort through. My goal will be to provide you a weekly sweep in bite sized pieces….

Hot off the press…Opportunity knocks in 3 inexpensive client events coming up very soon. Your office has sample invitations and can help you customize to your audience should you like the support. Bottom right hand corner of this site you’ll find links to more information – Featured Events. Excellent + unique ways for you to connect with your sphere and offer something of value mixed with fun…

  • Husky Football Coach Chris Peterson Talk & Cocktail Reception
  • How China is Affecting our Economy
  • Windermere Cup Shore Party

On technical excellence. A quick recap and sweep of relevant and sometimes newer Forms available to you as you navigate this market.  Again, with so much coming at you my guess is we quickly forget what is available to you. Your manager is ready to help coach further to strategy and use.

  • WRE Form 42 (2.2016) | Notice to Buyer: Seller-Procured Inspection Report. Created to use when providing prospective buyers with a copy of a Seller-Procured inspection report. Seems like a good idea to me! Add it to your Forms toolbox, when appropriate.

***Search WORC site: Seller Procured Inspection Report (documents tab) – both Legal Bulletin + Form 42 are readily available to you.

On gift giving…are you a “gift giving guru”? – this might just inspire > you design, customize, all products locally sourced. Your gift then tells a story.

On leadership…understanding who needs to know what + when people need to know it + why – and then presenting that information in an entirely comprehensible way” – book, Setting the Table. This is my goal with you on Fridays – to “set your table”…

To a fun + productive weekend upcoming in work + play. Shout if you need anything! Grateful to be connected, here to help.

– Laura, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.

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