It’s Friday! | Let’s sweep, the holiday weekend awaits…

It’s Friday, let’s take a sweep before this holiday weekend kick’s off! I’m looking forward to catching my breath – remember that injury prevention commentary a few Friday’s ago? We are no different than a professional athlete (well, ok – maybe in a few areas!) – yet we too need “off days” to rest + heal. “Just Do It” – thank you Nike.

At a glance for this week > computation of time + WORC designed for you + humble/fearless leadership (Geoff Wood) + an interest rate breakdown (via video)…


Memorial Day Holiday | When computing time for the purchase and sale agreement, please regard Monday, May 30th as a “legal” holiday. Memorial Day is a legal holiday under Washington law.
“Build it they will come” – field of dreams | We are working behind the scenes to find more reasons to drive you back to the WORC site – it is getting cleaned up, old technologies going away, new coming (late summer) etc…In the immediate, I had a vision for a successful landing spot on the WORC designed just for our offices – take a peek!  ***I will highlight a quick hitter weekly with hopes we are building something that will benefit you in both time + professionalism. Both at a premium these days!
The “how” > login to your WORC > upper left hand corner you’ll see a new drop down called “office” > you will see your branch office + a link to “Jacobi 6”.Take a visit, you’ll find organized folders powered by Google Drive.  Your office will be building out their folder – content specific to your branch only. The “Jacobi 6” folder will host items that apply to all of our six offices – Sand Point + Wedgwood + Northgate + Eastlake + Madison Park + Ballard – our six!
This week’s featured tools…
  • “Jacobi 6” > Offer tool kit (folder) > Multiple Offer Emergency Pack (pdf)
  • “Jacobi 6” > Offer took kit (folder) > Complete Disclosure Packets (pdf)
Humble + fearless, Geoff Wood | Geoff Wood, our owner & WRE Services CEO would never shout this amazing stuff out – instead, I will! Just this week I became aware of a an awesome organization called Angel Flight West that Geoff is involved in. Geoff is one of several hundred volunteer pilots who make several thousand volunteer flights every year to help people in need. They help, for example, a cancer patient living in a remote area of Montana get to their chemo treatments in Seattle. They help people who otherwise couldn’t afford or couldn’t organize these trips. Geoff is so darn humble and I’m guessing that many of you may not know about it. I had no idea this group existed. Their impact is absolutely incredible. These pilots commit their planes, time, resources and expertise to change lives. Big high 5’s to Geoff Wood and to Angel Flight! An example of humble + fearless leadership – love that.
When the Federal Reserve announces a change in interest rates, it makes headlines. But does the federal interest rate directly impact your mortgage rate? See what our Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner has to say. Video link

Thanks for taking this sweep with me on Friday! I’m having fun with this. Here to help, always the ultimate goal. Give me feedback along the way – this content is specifically geared for you – our six!

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.

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