It’s Friday! | Let’s sweep – first strokes + your pay day + tune up refreshed!


Remember last week I threw out a challenge to try something new? Well, I did – along with several other familiar faces within our Company. Line the shores of Green Lake, August 20th at our 2016 Summer Splash and root on the Windermere boat in the Summer Splash Corporate Cup! We had our first practice last week on Lake Washington. Our boat = one University of California national champion rower + 7 absolute rookies. The Pocock Rowing Center is coaching us right along – fun to be on the waters where so much rich history of rowing exists!

Meet the WRE 2016 Corporate Cup Team = Franny Wood (national champion rower, Jill + Geoff’s daughter!) + Jordan Malloch (SP, manager) + Brian Hutchinson ( SP, support staff) + Mark Oster (Chief Financial Officer) + Jessica Donahue (accounting) + Darlene Sozinho (BD, manager) + Rob Graham (WW, co-manager) + Laura Smith (General Manager). You are now witness to our first strokes as we look to come together as a team. There it is, we are trying something new!

IMG_1190 16202 Summer Splash CXPC r4

A reminder of our promo materials designed for you – WORC > office tab (upper left) > Jacobi six > Client Flow marketing > 1. Client events (summer splash + kicks for kids folders) | Need help getting the messaging out, ask your admin team!

Am I getting paid today? |  We get this questions a lot. Accounting gets this question a lot. A couple general reminders that will help – if you have any concern as to where your commission is, please first circle up with your manager. We all know + understand the backend processes within the accounting department and will bird dog any of your concerns. Let us be your first point of contact. Timely + correctly paying you is top dog on our list of “to do’s” – let us help you demystify the process, as needed. If we are successful in directing brokers back to us vs. calling or emailing accounting we can keep accounting on pace for a successful day in paying you vs. fielding inquiries. Thanks so much in your partnership in this! Big big help.

Tune Up Team | We’ve freshened up our propaganda that you will begin to see on the walls of your office and seats of your chairs (or desks!). “We know you’re busy. We are here to help.” It has been very fun for me to see this team come together.   We have put together a team of people that each bring their greatest strengths to our table. Karen + Maddy + Pattie are working very close with your branch staff – let your staff be your very first point of contact. If they do not have an answer, they will find it – or, will continue to leverage the Tune Up Team in additional support! A link to us, click here!

Tune Up Team Postcard FINAL

Next Week | I’m excited for next week as we have a couple fun announcements slotted for early in the week – stay tuned!

…and oh, thank you Madison Park ladies for letting me join you on Whidbey Island yesterday – Jane Johnson (our host!) + Judy Curran (Foundation rep for keeping the MP auction alive!) + Susan Sellin + Shannon Vincent. You certainly helped in making this a fantastic week for me. Loved getting to know you. “Eat more crab” – a great mantra to kick off the weekend and survive the political season:)…


Have a fantastic weekend in productive summer work + play. We are all here to help, we know you are busy!

Laura Smith | General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.

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