It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Inman + We’ve Got You Covered + “Ideas Worth Spreading”


Wow, we had an incredible presence this week at Inman’s Luxury Connect! This must be shouted out today. The roughly 55+ Windermere brokers who made the trip to Beverly Hills represented us all so very well + made an impact. The theme this year: Embracing Uncertainty. How to thrive in a shifting market. Sounds like a fantastic + relevant topic to me. Over the next few week’s I’ll be asking those that attended this year for their golden nuggets to share. I’ll add these “nuggets” to my Fridays With Laura along the way – stay tuned…

…what I do know in the immediate, Leigh Canlis made us all proud and nailed her presentation of our W Collection to the 600+ audience. High five Leigh!

image3 image2 image1 image4

***a few pictures of the gang representing Windermere at Luxury Connect. Plus a quick blurb below that described one of our brokers experiences (again, more to come in what was learned so that the rest of us can begin to digest!)…

“For myself just getting to hear about and understand where some of the other markets in the country are and being able to speak face to face with so many at once was great. It really does mean Connect as I found some great people to pass some business to when the time comes. Windermere cocktail party was fantastic and also felt that the connections and friendships made there will be lasting and successful for all.” – Mark Williams, Sand Point broker


Hopefully this week you noticed a new piece of furniture/décor landed in your office – a new bin ready to fill to help us do our part in a “We’ve Got You Covered” winter drive. Our six offices are participating – clients can drop off anywhere (Sand Point, Wedgwood, Northgate, Madison Park, Eastlake or Ballard). I’ve already heard of some wins in brokers planning to pick up items from their clients homes too! This is all in conjunction with our #tacklehomelessness pursuit. Marketing materials are ready + done for you. Just ask your awesome staff, there will help.

From October 17 through November 14, we are collecting new hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, and warm socks for YouthCare, a non-profit that provides support and services to homeless youth throughout the Puget Sound area. Each night in Seattle, nearly 1,000 young people are homeless. Let’s help them stay warm during the cold winter months by dropping off your donation to our offices during the drive.

So there you have it, a great week – from beginning to fill the bins at our offices for our “We’ve Got You Covered” winter drive to Windermere being very well represented in Beverly Hills at Inman’s Luxury Connect. Lots of wins. Very proud to be a part of Windermere this week. Together we are making a difference, we are making an impact.

Ink it! | Save the date > January 23rd 2017 – yes, I referenced 2017 already – it will be here before you know it.  We are excited to begin promoting the focus and format of our six office Kick Off event. For now, think “TED talk” style, clock hours around recent law suits, fun and a reason to celebrate. We’ll be focused on “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Save the date, we’ll do the rest.

Have a wonderful weekend in both productive work + play, here to help – that is the ultimate goal. My cell – 206.227.7133 – feel free to give a shout if you need anything.

In partnership with you,

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.


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