It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | commitment + partnership + parachutes + Seth Godin


Returning home and back to the offices after two days with our managers in planning sessions mixed with fun. Indeed, I woke up smiling this morning. To boil it down, two things come to mind when I think of our leadership team – committed + in partnership with each of you. I already knew this, these past 48 hours confirmed such.

Do you remember the story of Captain Charlie Plumb – the Captain I met earlier this year at  Miramar Officers’ Club in San Diego (yes, home of Top Gun)? A quick refresher (and as it related to our recent planning sessions)…his story in a bite-sized piece – Captain Charlie Plumb graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis and went on to fly the F-4 Phantom jet on 74 successful combat missions over Vietnam. On his 75th mission, with only five days before he was to return home, Plumb was shot down, captured, tortured, and imprisoned in an 8 foot x 8 foot cell. He spent the next 2,103 days as a Prisoner Of War in communist war prisons. Ever have a bad day? This story certainly keeps perspective for me.

I am not often speechless, after listening to Capt. Charlie Plumb – indeed I was speechless. He described the most important person aboard the naval carrier to which he took off from on that day, on his 75th mission – with only 5 days before he was to return home. He described the person who packed his parachute.


Ok, how this related to us in the immediate? Our planning sessions with you top of mind for 2017. We are in the midst of packing your parachutes. This will be a continued theme as we head into the New Year. Packing your parachute with ways to help articulate your value + adding tools to your toolbox (example more statistical reports each to shout out to your people) + continued engagement with each office via advisory + more ways to leverage our Tune Up Team, ideas worth spreading in adding “profit centers” to your business planning + big Windermere picture – strategy + action in continued relevant & impactful brand awareness, regionally.  Let’s give you one idea in the immediate in us packing your parachute – via our Tune Up team….

Tune Up Team SQR Logo V2

Do you currently have an assistant? Have you considered hiring an assistant? Maybe this is a thought for 2017? Consider leveraging our Tune Up Team in training your assistant. Karen + Pattie + Maddy are ready to help. They are currently already helping several of our broker assistants. Why? Because we understand where your “productive” time lies – it is with a client and a contract or it is time spent creating more opportunities to be in front of a client and a contract. Period. Your productive time is not in training an assistant. We know our Windermere tools well, we know how to get the most our of our Windermere tools and we have resources to help us help you. So there you go, leverage the Tune Up Team – whether you need help or would like your assistant to get “tuned up” – just ask. Send an email to, describe what your request is and we’ll work to make it happen. Fantastic time of year to do so.

The Tribes We Lead – Seth Godin | TED > In prep for our managers retreat this week – I challenged OB + Jill + Jordan + Rob + Steve + Dave + Michael + Darlene to watch this TED Talk, from Seth Godin (love him!). Indeed, on the surface this TED Talk is a natural fit for leadership, although I would argue each of you are leaders within the real estate profession and the communities you serve. Seth articulates so well a story of connecting + a story of being committed + a story of challenging the status quo + a story of a mindset in pioneering ways to create & spread ideas worth sharing. Ultimately he challenges those watching, to create something that matters. In the coming weeks, months, years who will you connect with in your communities & in your sphere and how will you deliver a client experience that is at the highest level of professionalism in your marketplace? And will it be an “experience” to which your clients with “spread”? Have 17 minutes and 19 seconds? Seth will inspire you, he did me. He did us. Click here if up for the challenge!

Ok, that’s a wrap from this week’s sweep! And oh, it is our last couple week’s in filling the bins in our “we’ve got you covered” winter drive – let’s see if we can’t make push to help the nearly 1,000 young people in Seattle that are homeless. Gentle Giant will make pick up at each of our offices on November 14.weve-got-you-covered_graphic

Committed and in partnership with you,

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.

…off to go make this girl feel very loved + special on her 8th birthday!


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