It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | game face + the big 3 questions + tis’ the season…


Welcome to the end of this week, prep for the next week and anticipation for the coming holiday season – wait, it really is here – in full force! More on that in a bit. In the immediate, we are t-minus 60 minutes to the kick-off of the Pac 12 Football Championship. Why the heck Laura do you care? Answer is: I love the Huskies, sports fan of just about anything and yes, Windermere is sponsoring this showdown. Looking to get your game face on and see our co-branding? Turn up your speakers + check this out – click right here! Go DAWGS!


On a real estate front, I have three topics for us to keep top of mind as we prepare for 2017.

  • What are brokers doing to attract/work with first time buyers (specifically, Millennial)?
  • How are brokers addressing rising interest rates? (Note: my trusted sources to date all speak to it being unlikely that they will come back down). The historical lows have left the station!
  • Buyers are starting to push back on list prices. What are listing brokers doing to keep Seller expectations in check?

Next week – more commentary on the above big 3 questions! Look for it, on Friday’s sweep!


On the holiday season front, tis’ the season for many of us to host and attend holiday parties. Keep in mind how real estate is a very social topic. We’ll all be asked, “how is the market”? How we respond becomes that 30 second interaction in being a trusted source. One of my favorite sources to obtain my monthly “30 second” sound bites when asked this question is the content Steve Harney (Keeping Current Matters, KCM) releases monthly in his Monthly Market Reports (the 10th of every month). Next week I’ll be shouting out a few more talking points to make us all feel a bit smarter + more confident – in the immediate, feel free to check Steve out himself. Click here for a quick link to his 14-day free trial. If you do it, spend 32 minutes and watch his Monthly Market Report. I have no doubt you’ll feel smarter…and more prepared for those “how is the market” questions at the holiday parties! Or…you can wait for my monthly synopsis and analysis as Steve breaks it down for me. Your call – either way, I do feel his content is solid goal. Yes, the KCM content is national/macro in nature – our job then become to educate our people at the hyper local level with our mls/trendgraphix tools. Here to help, just ask!

…and a few snapshots of moments from our Windermere holiday parties – this week! Enjoy your celebrations, traditions and I do hope to see you at The Rainier Club next week – time to get festive, eat, drink, dance and be merry. Again, I’ve been able to connect with so many of you this year and yet there are so many more! Please come say hi. Drinks & dinner on OB + Jill + I.

And if you are up for it, I’ll meet you on the dance floor! Who is IN?

partybar partyelephantpartystaff1 partystaff2 partystaff3

(Chad and I behind the bar! Wedgwood reacting to white elephant gifts too inappropriate for me to post! Our super six all staff gathering for our first annual holiday party – loved every minute!) More festivities to come…see you soon.

In continued partnership with you + so glad to be…

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co + Northwest, Inc.

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