It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “super six” + wreco talks + computation of time + 2017


You’ve all heard the good news – as of January we will officially merge our six offices and become one – Windermere Real Estate Co. – and what I informally yet enthusiastically like to refer to as the super six.

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood.

What I’d like you to know about this merger….I for one wouldn’t dare take on this role as Designated Broker without the partnership of great people – you, OB, Jill, our leadership team & our staff. Your manager is still your go-to. Think of me as that added layer of support along the way (and yes, the one who would need to put ink to paper anywhere required by a “Designated Broker” – very few circumstances). Jill & OB remain a key additional layer of support as well to you (and heck, me!). What was messaged this past week is how we’ve been operating for some time now. Bottom-line, it becomes official January 1st!

wreco-talks-logo_v1Ink it! | Save the date > January 23rd 2017 – It’s just around the corner, I can’t believe it. We are excited to begin promoting the focus and format of our six office Kick Off event. A quick run-down of how the day together is shaping up – think “TED talk” style – inspired by our people. A quick rundown of the day, so far…and who will be sharing their “Ideas Worth Spreading“…

8:30 | Doors open

9:00 – 12:00 | Demco clock hours, “Suits of the Past” + lunch

1:00 | Laura & OB welcome to WREco. Talks

OB | In-city statistics for 2016

Kelly Pornour ***if we are lucky, Kian might join us too – still negotiating with him!

Sol Villarreal

Pat Corr

Greg Lewis

Jane A. Johnson

Matthew Gardner

Dan Givens

Laura & OB closing

4:00 | Cocktail Party Kickoff Celebration!

Computation of Time + upcoming legal holidays | When computing time for purchase and sale agreements, please regard this Monday, December 26th as a legal holiday.

Fridays with Laura is signing off for 2016, back early 2017 to launch into the New Year, together. Shout if you need anything, here to help – the ultimate goal. Let’s hit the ground running in 2017!

In continued partnership with you + so glad to be…

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

FridaysWithLaura_Web Banner R3



…and oh, what do two managers do on a Friday when the kids are home for the holidays? Theo Chocolate Tour – of coarse! Darlene Sozinho & I sporting our new look this morning with our girls! Jordan, Rob, Steve, Michael, Dave, Ob & Jill must be jealous of our field trip! A few shots from our modern Willi Wonka tour with a twist of Laverne & Shirley in style…

theo1Selfie by the girls!

theo2They read “sweet” on the choco-meter!

theo3Our little nibs testing out actual “nibs” – bitter!

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