It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | dual agency + cya off-market language + new tool (Seattle Market Report) + 1099’s, EQT’s + advice from “Tools of Titans” + doubling down


This week’s FWL (Fridays with Laura) will be focused on a few digestible bites post kickoff that seem most relevant to me on this beautiful Friday afternoon…your managers have the ins + outs of what I’m speaking to as well as we all work to “pack your parachute” early in the year.


At a glance this week…dual agency + cya off-market language + new tool (Seattle Market Report) + 1099’s, EQT’s + advice from “Tools of Titans” + doubling down…


Can I serve both masters? That really is the question when we speak of dual agency. It’s something to ponder. Think about it, can you? As Dave Daniel spoke to on Monday, as an attorney can “I “represent both the plaintiff and the defendant? It’s amazing to me that the law allows us to practice such. I’d urge you to run all possible dual scenarios past your fearless leader (aka, manager) before proceeding. Big thanks!

Folk wisdom has long recognized the difficulty of representing to competing interests. A Portuguese proverb holds that: “He who serves two masters has to lie to one.” An old Swiss proverb is even more pessimistic: “He who serves two masters misleads one of them, very often the two.”

CYA language (as blessed by Demco) – Should you find your Seller insisting on accepting an offer before the property has been exposed to the market via the MLS…aka, the “maximum exposure” conversation…good to have this acknowledged in your file, material correspondence etc…

“You have stated that you wish to accept Buyer’s offer even though your property has not yet had a listing published with the NWMLS. As I have explained, you should understand that publication with the MLS is essential for maximum exposure to prospective Buyers and to ensure the highest possible price. If you accept this offer, I will assume that you are satisfied that this offer meets your needs and expectations.”

Resale Certificates Consulting Services | This too was a conversation during Demco’s “Suits from the Past” this week.  In sweeping available services, so far I keep coming back to Marshall Johnson as a resource for your buyers to have resale certificates reviewed for a flat fee. $185 seems to do the trick. Click here, check it out – certainly a resource for your people.



Seattle Market Report | A new tool for your toolbox available as of this week for you! This is a 28 page market report broken out by MLS area (with neighborhood descriptions). We will compile this data and distribute quarterly. Our Tune Up team created an example for us to considering in using this tool within TouchCMA – click here, check it out! Your manager has PDF versions.

A little accounting housekeeping from this week…

  • For those of you participating in Windermere sending your EQT’s (estimated quarterly taxes)  your fourth quarter reports (2016) should be in your hands. These are provided to you to give you clarity + record of how much we sent to the US Treasury for you. ***if you are not signed up for this service and are interested, see your manager and we can make it happen!
  • Your 1099 (2016) and supporting documents are ready! They will be at your office shorty, if not already!

As we closed out our kickoff event Monday, I shared this passage from “Tools of Titans” – a favorite read that moves with me from bedside to office. Tim Ferriss’s (writer, podcast guy…) has compiled a collection of routines and tools of world-class performers around the globe.


To create something great (or eventually huge), start extremely small

“My suggestion is, whenever possible, ask yourself: What’s the smallest possible footprint I can get away with? What is the smallest possible project that is worth my time? What is the smallest group of people who I could make a difference for, or to? Because smallest is achievable. Smallest feels risky. Because if you pick smallest and you fail, now you’ve really screwed up.

“We want to pick big. Infinity is our friend. Infinity is safe. Infinity gives us a place to hide. So, I want to encourage people instead to look for small. To be on one medium in a place where people can find you. to have one sort of interaction with one tribe, with one group where you don’t have a lot of lifeboats.”

Well, that is a wrap for this week. We’ll continue to take one week at a time together, support you, pack your parachute and “double down” – on you, the people of Windermere – we have the best. Monday was all about celebrating just that, “ideas worth spreading” and focusing on us. Thank you for showing up, so glad you did. and oh, I came up with the name of my podcast –
“double down”…now, I just have to figure out how to do this! On it.

p.s. your manager has video from Monday’s WREco. TALKS if you could not join us and are looking to tune into the conversations had!


Signing off for now, have a fantastic weekend in productive work + play – here to help, that is the ultimate goal…

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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