It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | double down podcast, episode #3 + computation of time + your website (the bells + whistles are here)


Welcome to Episode #3 Double Down where broker Edward Krigsman + manager Jordan Malloch + attorney David Daniel joined me this week inside my traveling podcast recording studio to talk wire fraud (legal bite) and articulating your value (idea worth spreading).

Before we tune in, two things I’d be remiss in not mentioning this week as we prep for the holiday weekend (and beyond!)…


When computing time for the purchase and sale agreement, please regard Tuesday, July 4th as a legal holiday. Independence Day is a legal holiday under Washington law. ***Our offices (and Accounting) will be closed both Monday + Tuesday to allow full time staff to enjoy the holiday weekend fully and come back refreshed + ready to get after it! Today (Friday) will be  regular office hours (no early closure). Saturday + Sunday, normal office hours.

This week…

…new features were added to all existing Agent websites. Agents asked, Windermere delivered several new and fully customizable home page design templates, the ability to add video and still photo backdrops to your homepage and a custom drag and drop page builder. You will be able to build new customized pages faster and easier. We are working on “refreshing” my website and our Tune Up website so that we can then show off to you what is possible. We are discovering this now – looking forward to sharing! We will have support for you in “refreshing” your agent websites. In the immediate, for you anticipating these additions – they are LIVE – go for it! For the rest of you…

NO ACTION required on your current agent website. The bells + whistles are for those desiring such! My gut tells me that the majority of you will want a “refresh” – simply a matter of carving out time + having a vision in what you want + identifying the support you need.

Ok, let’s jump on the Episode #3, Double Down podcast. 40:22 in length. Hope you find this information valuable within your real estate practice! I sure did.

That should get us rolling in anticipation of fireworks + other 4th of July festivities! Be safe. Soak up the sun. Have fun. The Smith’s will be staying local + getting our stash of sparklers out!


Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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