It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | writing ad copy + symposium “done for you” + go hawks!


As promised last week, this week I’m going to share a few of the interworking’s of  Catherine Adams process in writing ad copy. I had the opportunity to hear and experience her approach to her process, as she speaks to creativity “being steeped in discipline.” Our ad copy skills is absolutely one item that “cannot be replaced by machines.”

#1. Build a library (a file), always always always look for great ad copy, save it for all types of architecture, style & property types. Build a file of words that you love & ad copy that tells a story, experience and lifestyle. Grab our newest Windermere Living magazine, the PSBJ, Dwell…you name it – there is great content all around you that can be massaged into your writing. Keep this file close to you, pull it out when you are ready to write.

#2. Become a reader. This is the ultimate habit in looking for inspiration. Read lifestyle magazines for content.

#3. Invest in telling a story.

#4. Write several ads written for a home. Rotate them. What return (calls etc…) are you getting from an ad? Change it up if there is not ROI (return on investment).

#5. It’s time to write, now what? No distractions, turn off computer, clear your desk, turn off phone. Pad of paper, pencil(s), your library (file) and yes, probably a cup of coffee, tea…

Pull out your library (file) that you’ve built with great copy from many sources! Read it.

Think about these two key questions:

“How does that property make you feel?”

“Who is the buyer for this home?” ***primary buyer profile, secondary etc…

Start writing down words.

…words then turn into phrases, which turn into sentences, where turn into storytelling.

#6. You have 7 words to hook a reader! Often we insert, as Catherine would say, “our big finish at the end of our ad” – instead, move your 7 “hook” words to the beginning of any ad!

Invest time in understanding your audience – speak to all generations, cultures, personality types!

#7. Remember! When writing ad copy within the NWMLS marketing remarks, you do not need to state the obvious – bedroom/bath count etc…these items are already part of the listing input process. Instead focus on the story, one that mirrors a lifestyle…and how it makes you feel!

Coming soon, in October, Catherine has indeed agreed to share this creative process via podcast! We’ll again address understanding your audience + tips on affective ad writing + a process (you do not need to be a writer!) + marketing vehicles + how to determine the best marketing return.  I can’t wait to share this conversation with you!


This week you’ll notice a push in promoting our 2017 Symposium. Early bird sign ups (meaning better pricing for our you, our people) will run through September 21st (next Thursday, $249 > $289). We hear oh so often, “I just haven’t signed up!” Well then, we’ll take care of for you. Each of your offices has been given a process to sign you up and yes, agent charge it. We delivered this process to your managers & staff today. “Show up” to your office meeting for the full download! OB, Jill & I want you there so we thought we’d make it easy for you to get there! A ton clock hours & skill builing to choose from – and yes, networking – which turns into referrals. Take a quick peek of how you’d like to fill your two days by clicking the Symposium image above! Then, let us do the rest…


We are again very proud to be the Official Real Estate Company of the Seattle Seahawks for the second year running! I know I’m getting fired up for this weekend’s first home game against San Francisco and can’t wait to see how much money we are able to raise for @YouthCare and homeless youth through our #tacklehomelessness campaign. We are giving you more hashtags than you’d ever need – shout it out! ***ps, your office has the image above for you…

#GOHAWKS #seahawks #windermere#nfl #SEAvsSF #football #giveback #community #realestate #windermereblue @seahawks @49ers @nfl @q13fox @fanseattleseahawks @seahawksfanpage @seahawksofficial_

That’s a wrap from me this week. Go HAWKS, Go Windermere!

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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