It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “best of the best”


Welcome to Friday! What an awesome week. 800 people strong at our WRE Symposium. Heck, I believe I had 7 states represented in my classes! I had a blast teaching and more importantly was reminded that we are surrounded by the “best of the best” in our industry.  A digestible bite from Peggy Frasse from our Eastlake office…

On the Symposium experience… “This App is fantastic. All the content, slides and info, immensely valuable for this visual learner. These classes, everything. Thank you for Symposium. Its knocking the message our of the park and helping us all to be reminded of things we have forgot along the way of living, working and being. Grateful, joyful and amplifying. – Peggy”

…and ready for you today is Episode #Five of my Double Down podcast where Kirstin Munger (Seattle/Eastlake office) and Greg Lewis (Seattle/Ballard office) joined me as we prepped last week for our 2017 Buyer-Savvy Strategies class. Kirstin and Greg share a few of their go too tools + processes in working with Buyers in any marketplace. Bottom-line – the key take away: have a process and make it consistent. Enjoy the conversation and tools! Episode #5 is 33 minutes.

Episode Five

…and what I learned this week in teaching at Symposium mirrors the fine wisdom of Seth Godin – couldn’t say it better myself! #alwayslearning #growthmindset #playingtogether

Teaching Others Scales Right Back to Us

“If I give you a bag of beans, I won’t have any more beans. Beans are scarce. If I teach you to throw a Frisbee, I’ll still know how to throw one.  And you will, too. The game is infinite if we choose it to be. Once more of us know how, we’ll be able to play together.”

Teaching rewards us all Seth Godin

In partnership with all of you, I am grateful.

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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