It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | a plan + pantagonia + inspired socks


Welcome to Friday! A bit surprised by the white stuff that fell from the sky today – although as my almost 9 year old daughter Piper (birthday this weekend!) reminded me as I shared my surprised awe this morning on the way to school – (cue 9 year old smart + sassy voice) – “mom, it IS November” Right, it’s November. This is a great intro into my sweep today! Here we go…

It is November and this is where my focus turns to planning – planning in both a strong finish to this year and well thought out plan for the New Year. Next week I will have a 2018 WRE Co Business Planner available for each of you – for those willing to accept the challenge. This past week I went through all of my business planning files dating back to 2011 and put together something that reflects my favorite business planning tools > with a focus on strategic questioning in assisting you to look back at 2017 and a look ahead to 2018. No one size fits all in planning – as a plan is uniquely yours. What does fit all is that those with a plan + those that work a plan = the plan will work for them. I hope for an opportunity on some level to get you there and help see 20/20 going into 2018.

In prep for this years business planner I came across a piece from the company Pantagonia. On many levels it brings together a mission, a vision and an approach to “the how” in accomplishing it…it should sound very familiar – very “Slight Edge.”

One Step, Then Another | A climbers’ guide to building a business

“Patagonia started out as a bunch of climbers who loved being outside; we wanted to make high-quality clothes that let us stay out a little longer, even in difficult conditions. As a climber, you take one step, see if it will hold, then take another step. You’re constantly evaluating your current position, while thoughtfully examining your next move.” – Pantagonia, 2017 Fall catalog article

This “One Step, Then Another” mantra will be a theme for us as we each carve out critical time to pause and promote our mindful growth. Ps, if you are curious to hear more about how Pantagonia was built, listen in on the “How I Built This” podcast with Guy Raz interviewing Yvon Chouinard – this is a really great podcast series – gets us outside of our industry – we can learn a lot from that!

Set aside 27 minutes, a warm beverage and click here to digest the story of Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard.

On inspired socks! | Posie Turner + Windermere + Youthcare

In keeping with our “We’ve Got You Covered” winter drive theme for YouthCare, Posie Turner will donate a pair of socks for every pair purchased through November 10th! Go to and type “Windermere” in the GIVING CODE box at checkout.  These are fantastic end of year client gifts and the like! Who doesn’t like a good pair of socks with inspiring mantras. Plus, the founder is one of us – Leslie Ota with our Sand Point office! Win/win/win!

That’s a wrap, time to go celebrate Piper turning 9! Have a fantastic weekend in both work + play. Here to help, the ultimate goal. Ps, if you haven’t yet saved my cell in your contacts – here you go: 206.227.7133. Another layer of support to your continued success.

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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