It’s Friday, a 100% fun sweep! | the holidays are here…


Welcome to Friday! As we approach the holiday season today’s sweep is just that – a few details to get the party started! OB, Jill and I are well beyond our “save the date” and are excited to spend the evening with what hopes to be all of you! Lots of people involved in making this year’s six office holiday party happen – with the focus on 100% fun. Let’s get down to details…

Doors open at Mohai @ 6:30pm, we’ll be wrapped up at 11pm. Upon arrival you’ll receive your chips for Casino Night!  Plenty of food & drink for us all. *Parking is tough – we certainly support uber, party buses, carpooling and the like.

Time to ink the date, rsvp for the evening at your office, find your holiday attire (Chad already was fitted for a tuxedo this week along with several others!) – and anticipate the celebration. Who knows, maybe it will snow again – that was pure magic last year!

For those of you looking to get super fancy there is a VIP Experience offeringyou’d arrive  dockside to Mohai – 100% benefiting the Windermere Foundation.

Priming the pump in the VIP Experience offering…an “exquisite escapade” aboard the Malibu with Captain OB hosting…

  • Hour long Lake Washington cruise aboard the Malibu – plenty of holiday lights to see!
  • Pre-funk hosted by OB Jacobi with food and drink
  • $5000 in additional chips for Casino Night
  • Complimentary Signature Drink at MOHAI
  • Foundation Donation: $250 per person for this “escapade”
  • Contact Tina to reserve your seat(s) |
  • 23 spots available

That is all for this week. Time to find my holiday attire. Next week, a focus on all things in Thanksgiving! #beyondgrateful

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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