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This time last week we were gathered at MOHAI – oh what a night! OB, Jill and I sure hope you enjoyed the night – casino and all! And what a guest appearance from Mrs. Lisa Pignataro – Fiori’s lovely wife! Costume and all – 100% her inspiration. I received a voicemail first thing Saturday morning from Lisa asking “when is our next party?!?!” Loved it and yes…can’t wait for the next time we can all gather. For now, I know we will all begin to slow down with the holidays. Enjoy it!

Got retirement? Don’t be late!

As we beginning thinking of closing out this year – FWL will be focused on end of year details worth highlighting! In the immediate:: retirement. The below is a reminder from our retirement plan administrator. ***Please know that your manager has all details and is prepared to answer questions:: enrollment, qualification and information in our match! For those brokers who qualify and have not yet funded their account…

Send your enrollment forms and contributions to your Windermere Retirement Plan by December 15.

Every year holidays, weather closures, short staffing and early closings mean that end of year enrollments in the plan and deposits to accounts miss year end deadlines. If you are enrolling or making deposits mail in your forms and check no later than Friday, December 15. If mailing after the 15th, assume the worst and consider 2-day or overnight mail to guarantee receipt prior to the end of the year.

Why is this important? 1. Enrollment forms received in good order in calendar year 2017 provide you the opportunity to make 2017 tax deductible contributions to the plan as late in 2018 as you file your 2017 return. Forms received in 2018 mean you cannot make 2017 tax-deductible contributions. 2. Checks received by the trust’s custodial bank in Phoenix, AZ on or before Wednesday, December 27, 2017 will clear and post to your account in time to show up as calendar year 2017 deposits. Overnight deliveries to the bank on the 28th or 29th will not clear or post in time to show up as 2017 deposits. For questions, enrollment kits and/or deposit instructions, email; or, go to the WORC Site >More >Resources >Programs >Benefits >Windermere Retirement Plan for Agents and download the Agent Plan Enrollment Kit or How to Make Contributions to the Agent Plan Instructions.

Welcome to Friday night! That’s a wrap. Look for more year-end details next Friday. We have some exciting things rolling out in 2018 – can’t wait to share them with you all. You deserve the very best.

In partnership,

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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