It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “double down” on our favorite things!

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As we prepare to wrap up 2017 and unzip a New Year I want to have a little fun with this FWL post – and you can help (I really do hope you will!). I’d like to start a conversation – a conversation in sharing a few of our favorite things of 2017. In the upper right hand corner of this blog there is a “leave a comment” section. Please share your favorite thing(s) of 2017. We are curious. We care. We want to know!

I’ll start with a few of my favorite things of 2017!

Favorite book:: Shoe Dog (recommended by Jill Wood!)

Favorite podcast:: NPRs “How I Built This” with Guy Raz (recommended by Alexandra Cummings)

Favorite thing I learned:: How to do podcasts! Double Down podcast episodes 1-6 are all hosted on the homepage of my website >

Jill’s favorite things!

Favorite business book:: Shoe Dog – A memoir by the creator of Nike

Favorite experience:: being able to meet my daughters on their 3 month SE Asia adventure

Favorite WRE Co thing:: distributing $193,454 to our local communities through the WRE Foundation (just our 6 offices!)

OB’s favorite things::

M’s game with the fellas

Symposium with Charlie Plumb

Great new hires! *I owe you all a bbq at my house!

Manager Rob Graham is a new dad!

All the snow we had in the mountains

Heidi and I bought a house in Boise

…now, it’s your turn! Drop your favorite thing(s) in the comment box – let’s build on this and then we can together turn the page to 2018 – and build that next chapter.

Time to wrap up this year.  We are ready. I believe you are ready. Thank you for continuing to inspire us, learn with us, grow with us, innovate with us, navigate with us and give back with us. 2018 is full of possibility. #gameon

…and what will I will take with me heading into 2018?  a beginners mind. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” – Suzuki Roshi

We are here to help, the ultimate goal. #wearewindermere

In partnership,

Laura Smith, General Manager | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood

4 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | “double down” on our favorite things!

  1. High Heermans says:

    My favorite thing is that Bill Reilly is in our Wedgwood office and is cancer-free, Bill has shown each of us what it means to live every day with gratitude, good humor and a positive attitude.

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  2. finstadj says:

    Favorite things from 2017:
    Guided bike wine tour in Bordeaux, France through Fresh Eire Adventures. Favorite podcasts: Too many to name through Brian Buffini –
    Favorite book: Enlightened aging – studies that show what works to stay physically and mentally young. By Dr Eric Larson – Harvard educated, who has studied aging his entire medical career – he’s 71

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  3. Rob Graham says:

    No fair. OB stole my favorite moment. However I will add another one.

    Favorite book: Books are for suckers. I have been downloading audio books and listening on my commute and while walking the dog.
    Favorite Podcasts: RadioLab, Planet Money, Criminal, Revisionist History.
    Favorite Thing I Learned: Delegation. Let’s be honest, I am still not good at it, but when I am able to offload the small stuff, it frees me up to focus on the big picture.
    Favorite Experience: Since OB took the birth of my daughter, I’ll say my honeymoon in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor, helicopters, volcanos, manta rays, and dolphins. All great.
    My favorite WRE Thing: My first full year as Branch Manager and another great year for Wedgwood. The addition of Kirsten as our transaction coordinator has been great. Also, composing a list of all the charitable contributions our brokers have made in the community is certainly a point of pride.

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  4. Kristin says:

    Favorite things:
    Spending time in Neskowin on the Oregon Coast
    Realizing that I could let go of perfectionism and actually breathe through life
    Doing a podcast with Laura and the awesome Greg Lewis on Buyers
    Deadlifts and coffee–duh


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