It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Property flyers + Custom Xpress || Episode #9, Double Down [on repeat]

Welcome to Friday everyone. I started today celebrating the life of Christopher Grimm of our Ballard office. What I took from this special gathering was a reminder of the impact we have in people’s lives. From those 30 second interactions we have with others, to saying hello to someone walking by, to having a drink with girlfriends (yes, I had a chance to do this late last night!) to putting a phone away when we cross the threshold of our front door after a long day. We each make an impact in our walk. It’s a choice and I am grateful for the reminder.

FWL we will feature & hit the repeat button on Episode #9 of my Double Down podcast. Before we do, a quick note with respect to our Brand Reveal and troubles with some of the Custom Xpress flyer templates. Our Tune Up team has been able to clearly articulate to our Marketing Department your feedback. Behind the scenes there is an all hands on deck approach to address anything that needs a fix post Brand Reveal. Custom Xpress who has authorized people to work overtime to help expedite.

I will also say, while out touring this week I’ve seen stunning marketing materials with our new branding marks – Custom Xpress goodness. Plus, a sign of more listing inventory. Well done!!!

If you need help with flyers, Maddy from our Tune Up team is standing by to help:: is a go-to solution in the immediate.

 Please join me – 34 minutes with David Daniel (Demco), Matthew Gardner (Chief Economist) and co-host, Jordan Malloch as we discuss + comment on Waterfront Seattle’s proposed LID and digest Matthew’s commentary on Seattle’s economy post Q1 Gardner Report – and how this is reflected in our real estate marketplace.

Stay curious my friends and have a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend in productive work + play!


Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood

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