It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | A Symposium Top 10! What was yours?

Welcome to Friday, time to sweep! Arriving home post Windermere Symposium from very sunny Palm Springs calls for another Laura Top 10 list. Let’s jump right in…wait, wait, wait – before I do, please also jump in on this blog post and add to this Top 10 conversation  via the comment section of this blog – to your upper left! What is your Top Ten list? I want to know! Even if it was “just one thing”…

  1. On getting bored. Ballard broker, Bob Melvey’s quote as we were making laps in the lazy river post class…”you’ve got to get bored to get creative.” Yes, a key theme in why to take advantage of getting away from the office and participating in events like Symposium. Getting away to learn, connect and get inspired is what we did this week!
  2. On quality of communication. Remember what I had shared a few weeks back on quality of communication…7% words + 38% pitch/tone/tempo + 55% body language. Try this on for size…consider a witness on the stand – saying the below sentence – 7 times – each time the accenting a different word. “I didn’t say he shot his wife.” Turns out, this sentence would have 7 different meanings! The power of communication at work.
  3. 89% of Buyers and Sellers want what from their broker? Answer is: see bottom of blog post!
  4. Two things people want in negotiation? Answer is: see bottom of blog post!
  5. Most effective communication? Answer is: see bottom of blog post! *ps, this answer should not surprise you however important to keep top of mind! Especially when the stakes are high.
  6. On real estate reviews. Fantastic time of year to work on annual real estate reviews! This activity has THE highest ROI (return in investment). The reason most people shy away from doing them – they don’t know how. I will be delivering each of you a step-by-step “how”. Ps, once your template within Moxi Present is complete (2 hours in prep – give or take) this weekly activity should only take you 5-15 minutes to complete. Did I say…this activity yields the highest return on your investment? Goal = 2 real estate reviews per week. I’ll help you get there in showing the “how.” Stand by!
  7. An idea. Ask your financial advisor if they provide real estate commentary to their clients within their Annual Financial Statements. Wouldn’t someone want to know how their real estate portfolio is doing along with all other investments? Suggestion…”would it be helpful if I provided you Annual Real Estate Reviews” for your clients?
  8. Be different than the other 94%. ZillowGroup’s Consumer Trends report uncovered these staggering facts in broker contact after closing. Of the 13,249 households interviewed: 74% of brokers were never in contact after closing; 20% occasionally and 6% regularly. Storytime: Lee Cockerell (Executive VP Disney)…”my wife and I have purchased 11 homes in our lifetimes. We’ve never once had the Realtor connect with us after closing.” Ps, what you should know is that Lee interviews 3-4 executives monthly. Holy cow! Opportunity for strong referrals? Heck no if you fall into that 94% transaction mindset trap. Be the 6% – referral mindset.
  9. On your Windermere Retirement plan. I was able to secure and set up SIX in-office LIVE Nationwide education sessions for next week. Your manager has our schedule and will be sending you times & locales – Wednesday (Oct 24), Thursday (Oct 25) and Friday (Oct 26) of next week. If you cannot attend your office session – feel free to join any of the other 5!

10. On being a duck. We practiced “being a duck” in class and in the pool this week. Looked who joined us to “show” us how! Calm above the water and working hard below!

It’s amazing what can happen over a couple days away from the offices surrounded by great people, learning opportunities, networking, palm trees, sun, time to simply breath…and hopefully “get bored” just enough to ensue creativity. For those of you who joined us this year at Symposium, I am hopeful you have returned refreshed and energized. For those of you who could not join this year – I hope you chose to do so next year!

Reminder to add to this Top Ten list in the blog comment section…upper left!

And oh, can’t forget #11 – a special thank you to Michael Nelson and David Updike for opening their Palm Springs home to us Monday night. A stunning night, together…the best “meetings” of Palm Springs – hard to top that!

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Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood

#3. Answer is: Negotiation Skills – another plug for this book, Never Split the Difference

#4. Answer is: Be understood and heard

#5. Answer is: Face to Face. Let’s not make this a lost art!

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