It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | coping with uncertainty + planning

Welcome to Friday everyone! What appears to be a short sweep this week is actually power packed if you accept the challenges within. Less writing for me today…I’m in the midst of a pending inspection offer on a home for our family and digesting quickly that this will throw me into full project management mode in getting our home ready and to market – quickly! Boy oh boy! Stay tuned on that…

Challenge #1 | Identify what measures of predictability you can provide your clients during this transitioning market. Buying and Selling a home for people can fall into the “traumatic stress” category. Why? Because of the unknowns involved. Buyers and Sellers do not know when this process will be over. Just because we tend to know, remember they don’t. My challenge for you…watch this video (it’s 45 minutes) – specifically minutes 12-18  and implement actions that add predictability to the process for your clients. Help your clients cope with the uncertainty!

Challenge #2 | It’s time, planning time! My 2019 business planner is ready. If you are up for the challenge – email or text me – I’ll send it to you! If you complete the planner and want to go over it together one-on-one – I’m always game. 206.227.7133 cell.

Ok, back to my own “traumatic stress” as both a buyer and a seller! Anyone want to help me cope with my own uncertainty! Kidding, I’ll be ok. Happy weekend everyone! Here to help.

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Ballard + Eastlake + Madison Park + Northgate + Sand Point + Wedgwood

3 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | coping with uncertainty + planning

  1. Christine Olsen Reis says:

    Christine Olsen Reis
    Broker | Premier Director
    Windermere Real Estate Co.

    206-601-0374 call or text

    SRES | Senior Real Estate Specialist
    NAR Green Certification
    Certified Luxury Marketing Specialist


  2. Christine Olsen Reis says:

    Good Luck with your inspection process! It’s a reality check to go through it ourselves to understand the enormity of our clients experience!


    • fridayswithlaura says:

      Thanks! BIG reality check and so important! We are pending – the move it happening this month and getting our home on the market before December 1st! Surfing a crazy wave that just came out of nowhere!


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