It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Preventing Homelessness for Seattle Children’s Families

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl

Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! Or better yet…let’s find the magic!

What is the deal with the managers behind the masks you ask? We are excited to see you Tuesday night at Sand Point C.C. and we are up to a little something! We have a bit of magic planned that will in turn provide magic to families at Seattle Children’s.

A handful of kids at Seattle Children’s have created very special masks for our event! You will find these colorful, creative, glitter filled masks filled with love at SPCC upon your arrival. These masks will be our fund raiser at the holiday party – funds specifically going to the Seattle Children’s Homelessness Prevention Fund.

Families whose lives have been upended when an illness strikes a family can be devastating financially – especially for low-income families.  Seattle Children’s is addressing these challenges to ensure low income families who have just fought the battle of their lives have a home to return to. The Seattle Children’s Homelessness Prevention Fund is their vehicle to do so…and we have an opportunity to help Tuesday night with hopeful bigger plans to help in the future!

How? Buy a mask, be sure to take it to the photo booth, keep it, enjoy a festive night in putting a bow on 2018 and know that you made a difference.

And oh, a sneak peek and words from a handful of the kids!…

Andrew, age 7. When asked what his mask means, he said: “Red means love. Gold means kindness and the jewel is for heart.”

Aubrey, age 11, said his mask was “inspired by New Years and Christmas.”

David, age 7,  said “I don’t like the Seahawks but green and blue for people who do like them. And my uncle is in the hospital but he’s doing good so gold is for him.”

Kaleb, age 8, said he chose his colors “for his uncle in surgery and his uncle likes these colors.”

Leslie, said “Something for Christmas and blue and red are my favorite colors.”

Bring the magic…we’ll handle the rest!

Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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