It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |an idea worth spreading


Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! Snow that is…it really is here!

Several agencies, including NOAA have called todays snow to be one of the largest storms in Seattle’s history.  Time will tell around this prediction! In the immediate, I realize I may have very low readership today…instead of blogging content I had prepped (dusting off EM reminders, final call for converting your email account to 2-step before it is forced up on you (hint hint: “forced” 2-step begins Feb 15th! etc…) I’m simply going to give an idea worth spreading while the storm rolls in…

An idea 💡 worth sharing. Earlier this week while it was snowing my husband Chad called his clients – those specifically that he thought might need a little extra help during the snow + cold while he was getting around town just fine. He simply asked if they needed anything…

Think about those people who might appreciate that call – those that can’t get around, those not feeling well etc…might be the perfect lift in their day.

We “own” the human side of this business – always fun to find thoughtful ways to connect…

Stay safe + keep warm + be well👊🏻 Let’s help each other out as winter comes rolling in!

Ps, if you need anything – here to help☺️


Laura Smith, Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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