It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | spring break edition

Welcome to the end of this week! For me, the end of spring break with my family. We are enjoying the pause together, just us. We remembered how to be bored and just be – both important elements that can get lost in our typical day to day pace. As we continue to unwind, this is a spring break edition to FWL. Short + sweet yet hopefully providing digestible bites you may choose to carry with you.

Last Friday, I asked readers to finish this sentence…

*You see a successful broker and you think to yourself, what are they doing to be successful? It’s probably because…

I answered this question like this…“because they are focused.”

You answered this question…

It’s probably because they’re passionate and they’re in flow. – Evan, Ballard Broker
It’s probably because they consistently work in and on their business. – Robert, Wedgwood Broker
It’s probably because they are engaged and exudes confidence. – Theresa, Northgate Broker
It’s probably because the have a good sizable network that they stay in touch with. – Julie, Eastlake Broker
It’s probably because they willingly step out of their comfort zone. – Cassie, Wedgwood Broker
Let’s keep this going! Please again consider posting your answer to this question in the comment section of this blog.
New content next week, after spring break…
A little bit of a hint in my next question: how do you “win the day” by 11am? If you don’t yet – do you want to?

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