Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! |your legal bites + by the #’s + the human algorithm (on repeat)


Welcome to Friday, a beautiful Friday evening at that – Seattle! Sweeping this week with NBA playoff hoops, Mariners baseball, Husky playoff softball on in the background, Chad & Shale playing hoops in the front yard, Piper at a friends house for dinner and I recapping this week over ginger Kombucha and Girl Scout cookies – why not! Wild night in the Smith house…

Here we go, what I have for this week…


Priming the pump for this one! Wednesday May 29th I’ll have Demco attorney David Daniel again mic’d up. The entire Double Down podcast episode will be dedicated to legal bites. Here is the plan > you share with me what questions you have and what legal bites you’d like us to add to the conversation! Email (laurasmith@windermere.com), text (206.227.7133) or leave a comment on this blog and I’ll start building the conversation! What say you!?! Do tell.


The #’s | Seattle Talking Points | Residential & Condo

*data thru April 2019*

Months of Inventory | 1.4 months vs 0.7 this time last year

Median Sales Closed Price | $707,000 vs $750,000 this time last year (down 6%)

% of listings sold above list price | 30% (26% last month) | 66% April 2018

% of listings sold at list price | 22% (18% last month) | 14% April 2018

% of listing below list price | 20% (19% last month) | 10% April 2018

% of listings sold with a price change | 28% (37% last month) *fewer price adjustments!

Looking for these numbers in a consumer facing format? As always: www.windermerestats.com | text for password (206.227.7133)


Looking for Episode #13 of our Double Down podcast? Let’s hit repeat from last week!

#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

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