It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | 212 to go!



Sweeping this week from my deck, in flip flops and getting ready to pack up 30 girls for scout camp – yup, I’m off to camp! It should be a beautiful weekend whatever it is you choose to do…

In sweeping this week, a handful of interesting items worth sharing and digesting…the first of which is looking forward to what Sunday marks.

On Sunday, there will be 212 days left to make good things happen in 2019.  What should/can/will we each do with these next 212 days?

Wait, first…let’s refresh on why I like the # 212.

At 211 degrees, water is hot.

At 212 degrees, water boils. With boiling water comes steam. And with steam you can power a train.

That one extra degree makes all the difference. Effort + care + attention is what creates progress. Meaningful results however require a little more > it requires 212 degrees.” – Sam Parker

If you haven’t yet seen a 3 minutes video around the concept of 212 – here you go: I think well worth your time. Be 212, here.

This + That for this week.

This week I heard of a few Craigslist Rental scams pop up on a couple of our listings.  Suggestion: Google your listings address and make sure it doesn’t get listed as a rental.  If you see it on Craigslist, report it immediately on the Craigslist site.

This week I heard one idea worth spreading: Considering having your Seller’s initial an estimated net proceeds (at the listing price) at the time they are signing their Listing paperwork with you. We had an instance where that would have been super helpful to look back upon when clarifying costs of selling. Often we provide this information during the market analysis stage. Thus, often these costs are discussed very early in the process and could get lost in the shuffle. An idea worth spreading, your call!

Ok, let’s get after the weekend. As we head into Sunday, be 212 – bring that one extra degree in all we do in 2019. Power your steam engine.  All in, for you. Off to camp I go!


Ps, WRE Eastlake brokers, I’ll see you at your mmm!

#OffMute #TheHumanAlgorithm #AllInForYou

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

Laura Smith

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