It’s Friday [late] edition! | Let’s sweep the #’s + digest the “art” of conversations


Welcome to Friday evening – a beautiful summer evening at that! We are jumping into the weekend I’ll make this post short and right to the point!

The June “science” is out and ready for you to digest and use to help people better understand where the market is and where we have been.

Full reports published here.

*remember, WindermereStats is password protected. Text me if you need it! 206.227.7133. Your office also has the password.

Outside of the “science”, here are a handful of the conversations I’ve had this week > the “art” of what we do…

1. Listing brokers: make sure earnest money isn’t too light – we could start to see lighter EM’s.

2. When using digital signatures and multiple parties are signing – be sure you have confirmation that both/all parties actually signed (vs. signing on behalf of the other party) – yes, this happened (husband signed for both he + wife and wife was not aware she has sold her home – ps, PSA void)

3. When having Earnest Money deposited, please direct EM to where the PSA states it is to go – selling firm/closing agent.

4. Have price adjustment conversations as part of your pricing strategy before list date – then these conversations are more a part of the plan vs a difficult surprise.

5. It’s summer, make your “flow” fun! Keep it light, find fun ways to connect. One of the key coaching elements I share with brokers asking for a lift in their business is to focus on 20 “live” contacts each week > in person or on the phone followed up with a “next step.” Summer “live” contacts are FUN > find the FUN!

…and on that FUN note, who has played Spikeball? Wowza, the Smith’s new front yard summer game. A must in summer play, Smith approved.


All in, for you.

Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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