It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Dear agent…


Welcome to Friday! How many of you have heard me say…”it matters who says it?” Well, it does. And what I want to share today I did not pen – although every once of what I’m going to share is how I feel to the core. I’ve brought in a guest writer of sorts…1000 Watt.

1000 Watt is a company that obsesses over writings about real estate, branding, marketing, media and technology. I came across one of their blog posts and it quickly rose to the top of what I wanted to share this week within FWL. As you know, I too obsess over such writings however every now and again it’s healthy to hear it from another source…”it matters who says it“…

With industry “noise” a constant in our every day, this is what I want you to digest – today and everyday. Call it a pick me up, call it a shot in the arm, call it…a “you matter” mantra. Own it and please make this your next brain tattoo.

Dear agent…

You are the most important entity in the real estate business. Hands down.

The commissions you earn flow outward to sustain a vast array of companies and people. 

Without you, the real estate ecosystem as we know it would not exist. 

You guide buyers and sellers through minefields. It will take centuries still for artificial intelligence to match the emotional intelligence you use to bring solace, confidence and clarity to people who need it.  

Those around you, myself included, don’t do enough to vocalize this truth and express gratitude for it. 

While most of what I write is for everyone in and around our business, this one is devoted to you, the great real estate agent.

Coming of age.

We are living in your time, the age of the great agent. Despite industry fortune tellers who predict iBuying as your demise, your value in the transaction is cemented.   

Buying and selling a home is not just complex. It consumes the totality of what it is to be a human being: rationality and emotion, intuition and logic, joy and loss. The crockpot of psychic stew that simmers during a transaction requires a skilled hand throttling the heat. 

That’s you. 

Being an agent today requires smarts. Resourcefulness. A predisposition to adaptation. You need to master software, run a business, manage resources, prospect, maintain ties to past clients and ceaselessly convey your value against strong competition. Every decision is critical — the broker you use, the tech you license, how you brand, who mentors you.

Consumers today are smart. Homes are expensive. The part-time, low energy, uneducated, techless agent is a lump on the industry log with no clear role in the future.  

Your career is Mt. Everest. You start at the base with dreams of reaching the summit. Every step up requires calculation. The celebration of failure that is fashionable among tech entrepreneurs cushioned by millions in VC is not your reality. Every mistake matters. 


 I didn’t write it. I do “show up” however for you, because I believe it. You are the most important entity in the real estate business. Hands down.

#TheHuman Algorithm

In other news, the kind of “noise” I like a lot – the Blue Angels and hydros return this weekend for Seafair’s 70th anniversary. Is there anything more synonymous with summer in Seattle than this upcoming weekend?

Happy Birthday Seafair! Celebrate well, Seattle!

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