It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | small town big city + august #’s + (sample) revised form


[photo from Farmer’s Museum, Cooperstown NY – life in the 1800’s]

Welcome to Friday! En route home after a traveling the East Coast – chasing those fields and fields of dreams in Cooperstown, NY. It was a “pinch me” kind of trip. What continued to crop up for me this week was observing small town life. A few days ago, I witnessed one business owner bring another business owner lunch because he was too busy at his store to step away. I thought to myself, how might I better bring more small town moments to our big city? It’s something I’ll ponder on our six hour flight home tomorrow. I sure did enjoy the pace of small town!

Let’s look at our big city, by the #’s…


It’s no surprise that Seattle is the top city in the country where millennials are moving. Apple plans to add 2,000 jobs in Seattle. The first of 4,500 Expedia employees will start moving into Interbay soon. While demand here is expected to stay strong, prices continue to cool…


Note: if you are looking for these graphics for your August social media plan – text me & I’ll email them to you! 206.227.7133 c

Modernization of Selling Office Commission Rules | October 1st > it is coming.

And we’ll be ready…

Upcoming, you’ll begin to look at the (sample) Revised NWMLS Form 41c. If you’d like to take an early look – go to NWMLS homepage > Legal Bulletin 217 > choose (sample) revised From 41c > “Selling Firm’s Commission“. By digesting these revisions, you’ll begin to see how this Form may come into play for you come October 1st, 2019.

 I’ll be using FWL as a weekly touch to ensure that you are properly equipped with the information needed to help navigate the new rule change. I will also be recording a 3 part podcast series to augment the education around such. We have time, we’ll be ready.

Note: can’t find the (sample) revised form 41c? Ask your manager, they have it and will pick it apart with you within an office meeting or two…

Travel day for this crew tomorrow > Boston to Seattle. Back in the offices next week.

Have a fantastic August weekend in productive work + play!


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