It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | …or, redirect water! | merry merry everything


Welcome to Friday everyone! It’s wet, very wet as we approach the first day of winter tomorrow. As I was preparing this blog post I received a text – my blog post basically wrote itself! A great reminder to touch base with clients that have moved into a new home this year and make sure they are not experiencing and “wet” surprises. Be the resource to help; be the resource to care. Our work has always gone far beyond the transaction and instead, has always been about the people.

This text and picture tells an incredible “All In” story…

“Hi Laura, I am dressed from head to toe in yellow rain slickers and helping a client. His sump pumps have quit we are bailing one bucket after another to keep water from carpets and more damage than from his earlier water leak. I got him a sandwich and hot coffee, and there isn’t another place I’d rather be right now. I told him “nothing is burning and no one is bleeding” and that might have helped him calm a bit.” – David Prater 


Looking ahead, Fridays With Laura will wrap up for 2019! I’ll be back putting digestible bites together for us in 2020. My wish for you heading into the holiday season is for the New Year to bring our abilities to “hear the music between the notes“; to enjoy more of what we each cherish most in our lives.

Music is the silence between the notes.” – Claude DeBussy


Merry merry everything from The Smith house! We are spending our first holiday season in our new home – creating joy + magic as a family.

…and as we approach 2020, I will be amplifying my focus with you; people first, business second. #TheHumanAlgorithm

All in, for you. All in, for us.


Laura Smith | Co-owner | Windermere Real Estate Co.

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