It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | sun + competition + podcasts (x2)


Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep this week! The sun came out; need I say more? Ok, let’s go a little deeper in recap yet holy smokes am I grateful for that big orange ball in the sky!

As I traveled the offices this week, the topic was multiple offers. Fortunately, we know how to educate + prep and compete in this environment. It is not new territory for us. If you are new to the business, lean into the support of your office. We have the tools; we have the people. We are all in, for you.


This week I pivoted my prep for podcast Episode #18 – legal bites with attorney David Daniel – to reflect 5 topics I pulled from the 2020-2021 CORE curriculum that should be (my opinion) at the forefront of our practices within this competitive environment.

Fair Housing; specifically “love letters” – how to navigate. *ps; Fair Housing will become a podcast episode all to itself in 2020.

NWMLS Forms revisions in prohibition on sending inspection reports. Including, revisiting approved Demco language to amend NWMLS Form 35.

Buyer’s walk thru provision – what happens if…

Form 17 – “we don’t do gotcha in my courtroom” story

Navigating the escalation addendum; to use or not to use the addenda in getting to mutual acceptance between Buyer & Seller. Yes, it depends.


Episode #18 is in-line for editing and will hopefully be released next week! Also to be released next week, Episode #19: From a Single Family Home approach, four of us mic’d up and discussed (or began to discuss) ADUs, AADUs and DADUs. In 2019 the City of Seattle passed new legislation that changed restrictions on ADUs in attempt to make them more attractive to homeowners while addressing the housing affordability predicament our city is in. I’m becoming more curious about this topic and in what we may see more and more of…backyard cottages being sold separately as an affordable option and strong return for Sellers.

Episode #19 features a conversation with James Coats from NEST Design | Build, Windermere Eastlake Broker, Terri Smith and Windermere Eastlake Broker, Mackenzie Dickinson. Mackenzie and her husband recently finished the build of a DADU in their backyard. They cut down a plum tree and went for it (and had their first child all in the same time)! Terri has been working with a client in navigating separating a home and DADU into two tax parcels and evaluating bringing them to market separately; or not.

What I very discovered within Episode #19 is that this will most likely be a “Part I” podcast around these topics – PLENTY to unpack and educate ourselves around. We started a conversation around affordability + longevity + value + investment + performance + impact (how this possibly shapes the future of our city).

In the immediate; a few resources that were referenced within our recording if you too are interested in further deepening your understanding and providing resources for your clients…

Nest Design | Build

Thank you David, James, Terri and Mackenzie for your time and willingness to record with me this week! I had an absolute blast. #alwayslearning

Welcome to Friday evening. Have a wonderful weekend in productive work + play. Here to help; the ultimate goal.

All in, for you. All in, for us.


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