It’s Saturday, please read. |From Gov. Inslee

The news from the Office of the Governor just released will hit each of you in a different way; I acknowledge that up front. It’s hitting me in all sorts of ways that I haven’t yet processed however I owe it to you to share what I am aware of in a timely manner.

As I hinted at on my post yesterday, we have been waiting for clarification from the Governor’s office on many of the critical duties needed to close existing transactions.

Gov Inslee just signed an amendment that outlines what can be done…

Please read this.

I have a 3pm TODAY Zoom meeting with Seattle/Eastside Windermere Owners and representatives from Windermere Services to better understand these details.

I can’t reinforce enough how vital it is for all of us to follow the specific rules that will be outlined! Please watch for the official announcement and revised FAQs from WA Realtors and NWMLS for all details as well as continued communication from me, your manager, your owner.

By end of TODAY, I hope to have finer details ironed out within this blog. For now; be smart and keep top of mind the “why” we are even having these conversations.

We must trust each other that will continue to take on this epic social responsibility in front of all of us as we navigate real estate.

Committed to “calm + caring thru crisis.” All in, for you. All in, for us.


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