It’s today. | The Current Real Estate Landscape


You are most likely expecting more changes and adjustments to our current real estate landscape from me TODAY. Nope. Instead, providing a sample client/sphere message if you are finding it hard to find your voice in messaging with your people. Hope this helps!

And oh, yes – Gov. Inslee did extent Washington’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order until May 4th 2020. Ok, I gave you one adjustment for TODAY.


The Current Real Estate Landscape

Everyone loves real estate.

But during these challenging times, it’s not most people’s focus. Nor should it be. We are all busy trying to figure our way through the “new normal” or social distancing, sanitizing groceries, working from home (or worse, filing for temporary unemployment), and homeschooling kids. It’s a lot. The last thing most of us need to dial into is what’s happening in real estate. Even though it’s my passion and how I earn my livelihood, I understand that now is not the time to market my services or update you on your current home value or let you know about what new listings are coming on in your neighborhood. Instead it’s a time just to say hi, to reconnect, and to let you know I’m thinking about you. I’m also looking forward to the time when we can meet again in person. In the meantime, I’d enjoy hearing from you if you feel like reaching out. While I can assure you that residential real estate is not business as usual, I’m proud that Windermere has helped set the tone for what the industry landscape should look like while Washington’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is in effect. Our guidelines prioritize your safety and wellness.

From the very early days of COVID-19,  our mantra has been “Go slow and do no harm.” So while we’re working hard to help those clients who are already under contract on a purchase or who had a home listed at the time of the governor’s order, we are slow-rolling new business until the coast is clear. Our bigger priority these days is to live one of Windermere’s core values: putting people over transactions, which right now is more important than ever.

Stay healthy, be safe, and feel free to connect in any way at any time.


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