Welcome to Friday, wait it’s Thursday! | twelve minutes…


Welcome to Thursday – Friday’s post comes one day early as we approach a holiday weekend! In our real estate calendar, tomorrow is a legal holiday under Washington Law. When computing time for your purchase and sale agreements, please do regard July 3rd 2020 as a “legal holiday” …and for the weekend ahead, be safe, keep calm and sparkle on. #happyfourth


Do you have 12 minutes for me?

This week I’m hitting re-play on a podcast I recorded in February of this year. February feels like a decade ago that I’ve been in front of my podcast equipment – I miss it dearly! Good news, I have a new episode on the books for July. Can’t hardly wait.

Demco attorney, David Daniel & I dove into 5 topics from within Washington State’s 2020-2021 CORE Curriculum; Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate. These legal bites will hopefully help you navigate your real estate business with the highest level of professionalism – yet today I want to feature the first 12 minutes.

The first 12 minutes of Episode 18 is focused on Fair Housing – specifically in how to handle “love letters” from your buyer to seller. It is an appropriate time to bring this topic to the forefront as an industry. Think about it – do these letters encourage discrimination? Are we putting clients in a position to get caught up in Fair Housing laws without them even knowing it? Let’s brush up on what we need to know and how we can help!

Laura Smith | Windermere Real Estate Co. · EP 18 – Double Down; CORE legal bites

Keep calm, sparkle on, stay safe and next week we’ll focus on mid-year numbers – yup, half way through 2020.

All in, for us.


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