It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | Episode #20


…continuing to capturing summer in Seattle with each blog post moving forward until we hit fall. Creating safe summer vibes where we can! I am finding water to be a nice respite and consistently shows up as one of the PNW’s best sides! I wonder if the Kraken is in these waters? 

New Podcast Episode released! | Double Down Episode #20

The Knowledge Cafe

Knowledge emerges in response to compelling questions that “travel well” as they attract collective engagement and exploration throughout a system.” – 2001, Pegasus Communication, “The Systems Thinker”

I share the above quote to T up the release of Episode #20, Double Down podcast. In 2011 my path crossed with Kim (Porto) Cornicello – a now friend and then staff member at Windermere Real Estate Company. Kim set me on path a decade ago in how I look at strategic questions to elicit real conversation and with that, a forum to facilitate deeper meaningful conversation across large audiences of people. The model she shared with me is referenced as a “knowledge cafe.”

Beginning in September, I plan to host quarterly “knowledge cafes” across offices yet my intention with Episode #20 is to also inspire others to do that same. 2020’s global recalibration has given us all plenty of fuel to come together in more meaningful ways.

 For those of you who will join me, listening fully to Episode #20 will be important as I share the platform, detailed process and intentions around facilitating & contributing within a “knowledge cafe”. This next hour will give you your license to contribute and I’m sure hopeful you will consider! I am spending time between now and September bettering my abilities in using “collaborative technology” – aka, use of all bells & whistles of Zoom.

 The “knowledge cafe” model was developed for big worldly topics – yet it can be used anywhere with the right intentions and set up. Episode #20 is one hour, recorded outside, socially distant and with a crow or two in the background as surprise guests!

Laura Smith | Windermere Real Estate Co. · EP 20 – Knowledge Cafes

FYI, Episode #21 will be recorded next as a deep dive with Demco Law Firm around a new (released soon) WRE General Addendum and PLIA’s Heating Oil Insurance Plan currently transitioning to a Loan Grant Program. WA State’s new program should be available around July 20, 2020. Beginning information to digest here. We are reviewing the draft legal bulletin on this topic now with Demco Law Firm – this too, coming soon.

All in, for meaningful conversation. All in, for us.



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