It’s Friday, let’s sweep! |checkpoint


…continuing to capture summer the Pacific Northwest with each blog post moving forward until we hit fall. Creating safe summer vibes where we can. Wherever I am, it always starts with an early morning routine – it travels with me, no matter what. The “Five Minute Journal” is gold to me – has been for years. What is non-negotiable to you?


On April 22nd of this year, I penned a blogpost in making that day a “checkpoint” within – our then, true “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order. My gut tells me this is a good day to pay attention to another “checkpoint.”  Why?  This…

When our Stay Home order began, we sprinted through those days to adjust. Adrenaline got us thru. We stacked future transactions by checking in on people we care about. The market then hit bonkers while more and more brokers, buyers & sellers figured out how to operate their essential tasks safely. We set into longer miles of a marathon with endurance – a different set of muscles (adrenaline had worn off). Fortunately,  throughout these spring & summer months we were gifted mostly beautiful PNW weather as we stacked up long miles in what I will now state has turned into an ultramarathon.

Ok, deep breath! Checkpoint. I see an industry tired yet dedicated to showing up, helping people, continuing to adjust, commitment in helping & caring about each other and our communities. But, guess what…Sunday November 1st 2020 is coming.

Why does that matter?

November 1st 2020 is daylight savings time. The days become shorter, PNW weather gets wet & grey (sorry, it just does). We have’t done “this” (aka, 2020) as our landscape turns AND we have already ran an entire marathon (in life!). Are we prepared for fall/winter, are we prepared for the remainder of 2020 where we can control it?

Better stated, where are your reserves today; on August 21 2020?


That is our checkpoint today. It first starts with a check-in and an acknowledgment of going 100% full throttle in 2020. Could going 85% today give you space to build your reserves for the remainder of 2020?

 What is gold to you in building your reserves? What is non-negotiable? Can you get creative to still make these things safely happen? 

I’ll be sharing ideas worth spreading in the coming weeks – yet for today,, it is simply a checkpoint for each of us to take note of our reserves.

I’m here to help.  All in, for you. All in, for us.



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