Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | Back to school edition…


The school bell officially rang this week and yes, the school year looks different than one could have imagined. Hello 2020, you really are something! For many, this is a giant transition week in remote learning inside of our homes. The Smith’s are on day 4…what I learned you ask?

Don’t take a work call when you are cooking lunch. Yes, first day of school lunch went to the garbage burnt – round two pizza bagels turned out fine! Oops. What did my kids learn? The concept of a “snow day” is probably out the door for good. Ouch. Can you tell which student realized this and which one hasn’t yet?…


Ok, in all seriousness – this week led me back to school too. Time for me to get focused on my license renewal. And not a bad reminder for our kids to see that growth never stops. I traded in my summer threads for a refreshed back to school outfit (thank you Stitch Fix) and sunglasses for blue light filtering specs…


I’m giving a shout out to the NWMLS live instructor virtual classes. My first go with their virtual clock hours and I enjoyed it. Upped my mobile app game this week. Did you know you can air walk property lines within the HomeSnap app? (Note: not the kind of true line that you’d build a fence on; instead the kind that gives your buyer a general feel for where the lines are while you walk the property!). This kind of “did you know” content was worth the $15 and time.


…and more learning for me this week as I continue to explore, well – I’m just going to say it – my whiteness. Scene on Radio has an excellent podcast series, entitled – Seeing White. Sharing here. This week I’m digesting Episodes 1-6.

2020 has provided an open invitation to bring meaningful conversations into our lives. Being that our real estate work is people work, I’m focused on creating ways in which we are able to provide an environment to host intentional “cafe” style conversations. Feel free to join me in this space. There will be opportunity.  

Curious how I’m planning for this? Welcome (again) the concept of The Knowledge Cafe. Episode 20 of my double down podcast describes what goes into a successful cafe model. Here. Currently working on this craft.


Did you too miss out on those summer Canlis drive-in movies? I have a fix for you! Next week – two nights – movie details – location all right here! I’ll be there both nights (Thursday & Friday) – why? Because I hope to see you (miss you!), it’s for a good cause and rumor has it the documentary is excellent! Win/win/win. Easy client event done for you possible – socially distant, of course. Certainly a reason to reach out to people.

It’s time to put a wrap on this week and roll into a long holiday weekend. Real estate continues, the remote school bell gets a pause and all the while once again the PNW looks to be showing off her good side for our region. Not ready to put those paddle boards away yet! Welcome to Friday in productive work & play – safely! Here to help.

Note: When computing time for purchase and sale agreements, regard this Monday, September 7th as a legal holiday. Labor Day is a legal holiday under Washington law.

Ps, next week on my back to school edition: stats! Want to go to stats class early? Go look at the Pending Sales by Weekweekly data updated thru 9.2.2020.  Bonkers. *need password? Text me: 206.227.7133*

All in, for you.





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