It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | It’s raining!

Welcome to Friday everyone – best news – it’s raining in Seattle! Ok, let’s get right to it – this week at a glance…

Ps, treated myself to these beautiful dahlias – a reminder of simple pleasures as we find a pop of color wherever we can amidst the smoke. Be well, be safe as we await patiently for the smoke to clear. My heart, my everything is with those effected by the fires. And oh, if you are looking to donate to wildfire relief via our Windermere Foundation and want to direct those funds you may do so here.

My daughter took a break from remote school to tune into our WRE Luxury 101 zoom this week. She’s always wanted to meet Louis Muniz being he sold her dream home (and not to her – she isn’t happy with him!). Ha. Funny story, for another time. That said, here is the recording of the Zoom. Louis Muniz, Ty Evans, Cori Whitaker and Max Rombakh – thanks for sharing your gold! Tune in here with a weekend coffee or beverage of choice.

Keeping up on the weekly pulse of our local market. Seattle residential pending sales by week again outpaced 2019. Solid visuals below for Eastside, Seattle & King County.

There are a handful of items on the HUB this week worth bringing attention to. Check the HUB often – content coming out of our ears! I’ll give another plug for the HUB app – it gives me those notifications when new content is there; daily.

We won’t be in Hawaii for Symposium as planned, yet we are pulling together our first WRE VirtuCon – details and registration here. It took me 3 minutes to register. Plus, Marcus Trufant will be joining us. Go HAWKS this weekend on Sunday night football!

Tech Talk Webinars start September 28th. Moxi Engage + Agent Websites + Moxi Present with Todd Steinberg.

Virtual ProStart has begun which also means virtual WA clock hours for anyone! I attended Agency last week with Demco Law Firm. Highly recommend.

Ok, now back to that good news about the rain! I want to do a barefoot rain dance! Keep it up Seattle and spread that rain to places that need it more than us. Signing off on this Friday with a local market update – Laura

All in for you, all in for us.

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