Let’s sweep the week! | closing dates + let’s VirtuCon + collegiality + WinderKids #hope

A little ray of sunshine on this Saturday morning coming into my kitchen keeps me focused on hope! Nature’s arrangement at my nook table credit broker, Dina Harvey Jardine – thank you! Ok, let’s sweep this week…

What have I noticed? All parts of the Closing process is being tested in bandwidth. I’m seeing delayed Closings – at no fault of Buyer or Seller. No finger pointing here; only a heads up. Ps, Friday Closings never ideal – especially now. Give yourself and your clients the gift of time and of setting expectations – being there could be delays simply based on high volumes of transactions. Idea: as taken from WRE Form 64, item #6 – consider this:

Automatic Extension of Closing Date. If, through no fault of the party whose performance is delayed, the Agreement cannot close by the Closing Date due to circumstances outside of the control of such party, then the Closing Date shall be automatically extended for up to ____ days (5 if left blank) (the “Extension Period”). Closing shall occur as soon as reasonably possible within the Extension Period.

Join us on October 27 & 28th for our first go at a VirtuCon? We were to be in Hawaii this year for Symposium – instead – we are adjusting in gathering and going virtual. I can’t wait to see my Windermere friends far & wide late October! Intro, video here!

I’m registered! Registration here. Looks like I’ll be with incredible company. Time to up my game – geez! I’ll be focused on opening our minds from resilience to resurgence…

Next week I will have Windermere broker Diane Terry mic’d up with me as we ponder together what collegiality means in our industry, as a nod to the passing of RBG.

Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.col·le·gi·al  (kə-lē′jē-əl, -jəl)adj. 1. Full of or conducive to good will among colleagues; friendly and respectful: an office with a collegial atmosphere. 2.a. Characterized by or having power and authority vested equally among colleagues: “He … prefers a collegial harmony that will present him with a consensus on the issues”

I’ll host the podcast recording right here next week.

…and it was fun to bookend this week celebrating many of the WinderKids in my hood that completed their 3rd week of remote school with a drive-by ice cream social. All smiles behind my mask in seeing this next generation. #HOPE

Our late September sun is trying hard to make a solid appearance today; next week looking G O O D! Let’s get out and get after this weekend in productive work & play. Around if you need anything. Here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

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