It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | a key element to stability

…”A few decades ago, scientists conducted an experiment in the Arizona desert where they built “Biosphere 2” – a huge steel-and-glass enclosure with air had been purified, clean water, nutrient-rich soil, and lots of natural light. It was meant to provide ideal living conditions for the flora and fauna within. And while it was successful in some ways, in one it was an absolute failure. Over and over, when trees inside the Biosphere grew to a certain height, they would simply fall over. At first, the phenomenon confused scientists. Finally, they realized that the Biosphere lacked a key element necessary to the trees’ health: wind. In the natural environment, trees are buffeted by wind. They respond to that pressure and agitation by growing stronger bark and deeper roots to increase their stability.” – Think Like A Monk, Jay Shetty

Welcome to Friday everyone! I share the above passage this week being that these words helped me wrap up my prep for next week’s VirtuCon – our first go at an all Windermere virtual conference. It’s a jam packed day and a half. Well over 500+ registered – hope to “see” you there! I’m hosting 3 sessions; featuring a national championship NCAA coach, two brothers with a brand and a story of resilience to resurgence and a Windermere manager who will share her story in going from agent/broker into leadership. That is simply a taste of our time together. Windermere Services, Events & ProDev has worked so very hard to create a virtual space for us to gather – it’s not Hawaii as planned (2021!), yet I’m excited to carve out this time to “grow stronger bark and deeper roots to increase our (collective & individual) stability” as we continue to tango with 2020; finding strength & inspiration to look beyond…

Join me if you are game! Last call for registration – here.

I’m all in, for you. I’m all in, for us.

Laura Smith
Laura Smith 
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