Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | staying diligent + #’s showing different narratives

Staying Diligent

Hello Covid19, we see you and your exponential growth. With the surge in WA State and King County numbers, I am receiving inquiry in whether we’ll see a rollback of some kind in phases for our real estate industry coming from the desk of Gov Inslee. While I don’t know for certain; I do know that we have showed up in a tremendous way in protecting each other, our communities – and thus far – allowing real estate to remain as open as it has. With that said – right now it is imperative that we stay diligent and double down wherever possible outside of what is essential.

Where can we each find an extra gear for everyone around us and flatten the current frightening curve headed in the wrong direction?

A couple resources to digest as we evaluate the coming weeks…

Gov. Inslee’s travel advisory for Washington released today – here.

At dinner parties and game nights, casual American life is fueling the coronavirus surge as daily cases exceed 150,000” – The Washington Post – article here.

Windermere Statistics Update thru 2020. What have you noticed?

What I noticed this week in review is that our #’s are showing us different market narratives. Examples…

Months supply of inventory (residential) | Seattle 1.2 vs Eastside 0.6

Median sales closed price (residential) | Seattle up 3% vs Eastside up 17%

October 2020 “sold above asking price” | Seattle 37% vs Eastside 51%

Condo market? That will deserve a blog post in and of itself. Certainly a different narrative as compared to residential. Remember, monthly reporting available at Winderemerestats are available for residential, condo and combined (not sure why we’d look at combined right now; but, it’s there). Monthly reporting also available for specific NWMLS areas (scroll down on homepage). Take a deeper look; ask for guidance. We are all here to help.

What is consistent for everyone, “cost of waiting a year” graph. Buyer’s have the advantage of interest rates despite increase in home values. *New to our reports… Explanation of Monthly Payments Compared to Appreciation Trendline Graph (top graph on page 5)

Need password for November? Text me 206.227.7133 or ask your office!

I’ll wrap up today’s post with how I opened it. Stay Diligent. Where can we each find an extra gear for everyone around us?

Go Slow, Do no Harm. – Laura

Ps, refreshed my website – what do you think? wreimpact.com What will you refresh heading into 2021? My annual business planner will be ready next week – let me know if you want it.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | staying diligent + #’s showing different narratives

  1. Evan Richards says:

    New website looks great, Laura!

    EVAN RICHARDS | Broker & REALTOR® cell: 206-319-3195 w?ebsite: evanrichards.realtor instagram: evan.richards.real.estate



    WARNING! Wire fraud scams are an epidemic in real estate transactions. Windermere recommends that parties not wire funds. If you wire funds, you should only accept wire instructions from a verified source. Do not accept wire instructions via email, phone or text regardless of who the call, email or text is from. See https://www.warealtor.org/resources/media/news-articles/sub-news-article/2016/08/26/wire-fraud-alert-resources for more information on the hazards of wire fraud.




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