Welcome to Saturday, let’s sweep | the good, the bad, the ugly +…

Before I sweep this week, a reminder that on December 8th, Gov. Inslee announced a three week extension of our restrictions put in place to curb the surge in new COVID-19 cases. These restrictions are now effective through Monday, January 4th. Yup, by the time we relook at any change, it will have a 2021 on it.

Extended Through January 4th Real Estate Restrictions

  • In-person open houses are not permitted.
  • Brokers must work from home when possible.
  • Real estate offices must be closed to the general public and occupancy must be limited to 25% of maximum capacity

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – [7th annual] – Best & Worst in Marketing in 2020 – with Valerie Garcia

If you missed yesterday’s FB live webinar – here’s the full replay. For those of you who want a cliff note version, here are 5 things we can ask ourselves to be sure we don’t end up on Valerie’s “ugly” list for 2021!

WHO am I talking to?

Does this add value?

Will this help them?

Will it make them smile?

Is this how I would want to be marketed to?

Talk about the “good list”! We are in the good company of Inman’s Person of the Year!

I would be remiss not to give a very special shout out to our colleagues Anne & Dave Jones! During the Inman Connect Now event on December 17, Windermere Abode owners, Anne and Dave Jones were awarded Inman’s “Person of the Year”! Inman gives this award each year to recognize the efforts of everyday Realtors who are making a difference in the real estate industry and in their communities. Anne and Dave have shown steadfast leadership amid the many crises of 2020. From feeding children every week in their local community to speaking up for greater social justice, Anne and Dave continuously use their voices to make a difference. Inman put it best when they said Anne and Dave epitomize the best our industry has to offer.

Please join me in congratulating Anne and Dave!

Read Inman’s story about Anne and Dave here (requires subscription). *don’t have a subscription and want to see full article – text me: 206.227.7133

Phone: sunrise on Whidbey Island, December 2 2020

This will be the last FWL post of 2020 – thank you for being the people I look forward to writing for every week. It brings me absolute joy every single week; even the tough conversations – we’ve had plenty of them in 2020. It’s been all of it – good, bad, ugly and this was one place space I could count on – a rhythm to which helped me endure. My commitment to this weekly cadence is much like the way each season moves us along throughout the year. There is peace in rhythm. There is security and predictability. Much like a sunrise and a sunset. And for each sunrise and sunset in 2020 it provided a place for me to know everything is going to be ok. I hope the consistency in my writing has provided you a place for predictability and something you could count on. The next post will be January 1, 2021. We will again “lean into the rhythm of our lives because they give us a sense of place in our story, clueing us in to where we’ve been and where we might expect to go…” – quote from an essay “on rhythm” a dear friend sent me today while sipping my coffee.

Where will we go in 2021? Wherever your and our story takes us; we’ll “go” together.

Signing off from Fridays with Laura for 2020.

All in, for together. All in, for 2021. All in, for our story.

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