Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep | Part I of II: the essentials for the weekend

Welcome to Friday everyone! And for those in my neck of the woods; the sun is out! As Madison Park Broker, Veronique Hval just said to me, “I feel like moss is ready to grow on me.” Hilarious. Let’s go shake that!

This post is Part I of II this week in a FWL sweep; Part II coming to you on Saturday morning with your cup of coffee. After a full week back in office meetings, I have a lot to say in recap – yet going into the weekend I want to fill your cup with the essentials – literally! Coffee included.

As we head into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, regard this Monday January 18th as a legal holiday with respect to Computation of Time. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a legal holiday under Washington law.

Next on my agenda today? Find an envelope, find a stamp, find an old fashioned check and send in my estimated tax to the United States Treasury. Yup, January 15th, 2021 is here. Wow!

…and how about serving up an unforgettable cup of coffee? You just never knows who needs one? And heck, I’m always here to serve up your favorite order! A 5 minute cup of coffee here.

FWL, Part II will be served up tomorrow, Saturday morning. – Laura

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