Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | quick links

Welcome to it; Friday is upon us! Setting you up with a handful of quick links for your weekend reads!

What the heck is Zillow up to? In short, as many of you are now aware, Zillow is now a member of the NWMLS and has joined many other MLSs across the country. With that switch, there have been rough data transitions for them; some agent listing data is being swept slowly and some broker past sale data has been corrupted – more from Zillow here.

and an additional note on Zillow from Windermere Northgate manager, Jordan Malloch: “In speaking with a friend who works there, Zillow is concerned with getting the data right and continuing its relationship with all brokers and they are working to fix these issues. Time will tell what Zillow eventually becomes, but at least for now, it appears that it will be business as usual and the only reason for them becoming a brokerage was to get a subscription to the direct IDX feed (and support their iBuyer model).”

DEI momentum. Looking for an example in how to approach using our new Restrictive Racial Covenants Modification Document + Form with clients? I went back this week to review OB Jacobi’s 12.16.2020 email to all of us and appreciated this video from Capitol Hill broker, Jeff Smith. Ps, if you can’t locate OB’s email and want to digest in full – text me – I’ll forward to you over the weekend: 206.227.7133

All eyes on vaccine rollout! I have been tracking this very closely. I had a good conversation today with the Director of Operations, Workforce & Integration from Swedish that gave me a recap to date. If you noticed & felt as if this week hit a lull in ability to find appointments for those eligible for the vaccine now – well, it is true + there is a reason for that. With change in leadership at the national level this week; national leadership & state leaders (and hospitals, clinics etc…) are recalibrating planning for supply, distribution & partnerships to get it done. In the immediate; keep this link as a good resource to 1. know when you are eligible (vaccine phase finder) and 2. vaccine locations. This do believe this lull will pick up speed (at least my fingers & toes are crossed with HOPE) – hang in there! And yes, if there becomes real opportunity for Windermere to make a difference in the speed of getting this done within our communities – our hand is raised. All, In.

Our RESET event with keynotes Trevor Moawad and Mathew Gardner is next week – Tuesday, January 26th. If you are registered you would have recieved confirmation of such this past week (1.19.2021 email). Next up: Look for a follow up email to arrive this Monday, January 25th with the link to access the platform on Tuesday.

What we do is human. I’m reminded of this every single day. This isn’t a new plug for “the human algorithm” – yet I’m signing off with it this week in my post to remind us all as we get further into 2021- what we do is incredibly human.

Ok, jumping into the weekend to fuel up for another week; together. As always – focused on people first, business second – it works well in this order – each & every day….

Go Slow, Do No Harm – Laura Smith, Windermere Real Estate Co.

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