Welcome to Friday, let’s sweep! | headlines & cafe conversations

Welcome to it! Friday, January 7th. It’s a messy moment as we thaw out locally, mountain passes are hit hard and are in and out of closure and oh, omicron has taken on it’s own kind of winter storm (and a moment to up our mask game apparently). The Seattle Times posted a headline (24 hour after NWMLS released their stats) – “Perfect storm” slows Seattle-area housing market in December. Zero of those topics will be today’s focus in reading FWL yet I will throw out what you would expect from me – be well and please stay well. Let’s double down in taking care of each other! Ps, coming soon will be our next “cup of coffee with Kristin Munger” as we continue to move beyond the headlines and prepare for January & beyond; together.

Ok, leading with one of my favorite questions of all time to set a foundation for FWL today…

What is the most powerful thing in the world? Answer is: A made up mind.

This past week I challenged the brokers in my offices to come up with one word that they would like to celebrate come year-end. Imagine it is December 2022 and I am toasting all of us in celebration (and hopefully gathering) – what are we most proud of? Here is a what I am hearing…

reconnect + commit + evolving + engage + positive + open + team + seeing co-workers + transformation + family + connectedness + reinvigoration + teamwork + camaraderie + celebration + collaboration + connect + together + success + momentum + cohesion + focus + community + confidence + reunion + reliability + openness + unite + steady + productivity + growth + gather + unity + celebrate (each other) + health + fun + curiosity + togetherness + accomplishes + abundance + cohesive + friendship + support + clarity + cast (a successful performance) + emerge.

What do I do with that content as a leader within our industry and connected with all of you? I plan for that year-end toast to the above! And, I know one way I’m going to accomplish this in 2022 with you. It’s official I’m committed to the knowledge cafe model in providing the environment to gather and host meaningful conversation. By doing this over a year (and beyond) – we will have all of this to celebrate. Initial cafe conversations will be via zoom with hopes that this style of conversation will move to in-person. The first next step to begin is to know the history, why and how these knowledge cafe conversations came about – they started at a global level – we’ll bring it to us. Our homework in January is to digest these next 62 minutes in Episode 20 of my Double Down podcast. You will then all be invited to these conversation throughout 2022. More to come!

What is the most powerful thing in the world? Answer is: A made up mind.

…and, my mind is made up. Knowledge cafes are happening in 2022. I hope you will join me….

…and a hello from me to you without a mask – being our masking game needs to again be very on point & upgraded in this moment of time! Be well, stay well, take care of each other and stay curious! – Laura

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