It’s Friday, let’s sweep this week!

For you non-hoop fans, not to worry, this post is not all about this week’s bracket busting March Madness. I will say two things about it though as we sweep this week. 1. A reminder to all that anything is possible and 2. yes – basketball has been a healthy distraction in between the wild Wild West of a spring real estate season. Ok, I’ll say one more thing – let’s go Kansas! Win today and I most like take home the trophy.

All in, for that.

To sweep this week on the real estate front – here is what has been on my desk this week (and yes, glasses becoming a newer trend for me – darn!)

The HUB posted a memo on sign installs be delayed in WWA. I was curious so I picked up the phone and called the owner of Sign Pros to get the full scoop and brainstorm best practices, now. Indeed, it is true the “811 Call Before You Dig” locator service has been experiencing delays in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties due to staffing shortages and increased demand from Sound Transit and power pole maintenance projects. This is adding an extra day or two to standard posting times for all local sign vendors. The locator service is working to increase their staff but, given the high volume of requests, they expect that these delays could persist for a few months or more. So, what can we do…

Plan ahead. As an example, if you plan to list on a Thursday – order the sign Thursday/Friday of the week before AND set expectations with your Sellers. Make this a talking point. Although you & I know the sign doesn’t sell the house it certainly is a meaningful “thing” in the Seller’s eyes. It is one of those “things” that makes it all very real for them and thus – important.

Next up, Windermere Ready. If you haven’t yet fully digested this new programming – it’s time. Your peers are winning business and while doing so really helping their Sellers gain greater returns and solve for how to get there. This week at Luxury Breakfast – Windermere Madison Park broker – Susan Stasik gave a run down on her most recent win. Six minutes on that story right here.

Note, loans have moved from $50K to $100K max. And no, this is for all price points – not specific to a lux tool. It’s about maximizing returns with your Seller(s).

And, sharing another win this week with Windermere Ready…

What an awesome agent tool. The Windermere Ready Loan will likely result in an additional $150,000 in sales proceeds. It’s quite remarkable when you have the necessary tools, easily and affordably,  accessible and with smart people behind their administration. This is truly beneficial for the client and certainly contributing to our getting the listing from the other 4 candidates interviewed.” – Windermere Real Estate – Sand Point broker

And for fun & not to be missed – our very own Geoff Wood and a chalkboard to explain the differences between WORC, HUB & Windermere University. This made me smile – big. All under 3 minutes here.

We’ve started something; it’s working! High 5’s are coming in and being dished out. Witness an industry peer doing something worth a high 5? Share with me at and I promise to dish it out. And guess what? You will not only give a boost to the recipient, you’ll feel a lift too (scientifically proven in doing random acts of kindness). We can all use a lift as we navigate spring real estate!

And we’ll wrap this week in anticipation of the Oscars this Sunday night. Be on the lookout for our NEW “all in for you” ads during the show. Full HUB post here – while hopefully you “get” the HUB a bit more thanks to Geoff Wood and his chalkboard this week…

That’s a wrap. Here to help. The ultimate goal. – Laura

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