Saturday morning musings…

Good morning, Saturday! Friday was full – this week – FWL musing moves to your first or second cup of coffee…sharing top questions & themes that have come my way as we sweep this week!

Up first…is Windermere Cup back in ’22? Why yes, yes it very much is! And, if you missed the line up of opportunity to tie into – let me take you back to the HUB post that has full detail. Right here (ps, be logged into HUB to access). Windermere Cup weekend is the ultimate celebration of community & sport and it makes me all kinds of happy that the cut will be lined with both yet again! And, if you are looking for a reason to reach out to your sphere – keep the Windermere Party on the Cut in mind! Teaser here. Details & tickets here. Client party done for you! And just maybe you’ll spot the man, the myth, the legend OB Jacobi flying this year’s Cup flag again! Mark your calendar, have fun.

This week’s focus on our high 5’s is a focus on a quote from the great hockey player…

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky

…think about that statement within our industry peer to peer interactions. How we treat each other in the now (the puck) is also building to where our interactions and opportunities will be in where the “puck is going to be.” People remember the past. Be the broker others want to see on the other side of a PSA – now & in the future. It will & does matter in your overall results.

Talking points for Seattle Residential hot off the press. All Windermere Stats have been updated – need password? Feel free to text me – 206.227.7133. Next week we’ll get mic’d up and talk about it – for now a few things to digest…

71% of the houses that closed in March 2022 sold for more than the list price. This is a high for Seattle, March 2018 was 63% and April 2018 was 68%. The median amount paid above the asking price was 15%. The median closed sale price rose was $970,000, an all-time high, up 18% from March 2021, and Up 5% February 2022 ($925,000, the previous high).

It continues to be hard to be a buyer today: 1. Active inventory for sale is limited (284 single-family houses), though up 15% from last month (247), this is just 45% of the 10 year average for March Active Listings EOM (628). 2. New listings taken in January, February, and March of 2022 are down 53% year over year. 3. Price growth of 23% over the last two years and higher interest rates are headwinds on demand, but the limited inventory and the continued massive tech growth in the area are major offsets. 

And yes, by the time stats come out – it is history in this market. That said, THE place to use these is pre-education as new buyers & sellers consider entering this market…

Ok, all – back to your Saturday! – Laura

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