It’s Friday, let’s sweep! | where that “puck” is going…

From Steve Jobs to Warren Buffett – many have used and over used this cliched & now famous quote from hockey icon, Wayne Gretzky – “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

After attending this week’s in-person luxury breakfast and listening in on industry conversations with Lars Neste of Demco Law Firm I’m doubling down on one day the use of Buyer Agency becoming more standard within our industry. My goal is to provide the environment now to better look at how to add Buyer Agency into your process with clients – to get ahead of where that “puck” might just be going…

Thank you to the Johnson & Walker team for allowing me to mic them up and learn about their Buyer process, the why behind it and integration of Buyer Agency. Agreed, use of Buyer Agency isn’t (yet) standard in our industry as is a Listing Agreement. That said, as Cassie & Jeremey say confidently thru their intake/education with every perspective Buyer client, “…you are right, signing Buyer Agency is not (yet) standard, however it is our standard…” – to which they go on to explain, show their value & commit.

In Episode 25, “Double Down – How Buyers Hire You” – Cassie & Jeremey reference their process – take a spin here briefly (or come back later!) before tuning into our conversation. And, a humble high 5 to the Johnson & Walker team for the share…

Full Episode 25 – here!

…and for fun this week – jumping into a Friday like this! THIS is what happened at our Eastlake office Wednesday when Ryan Hardy didn’t finish what he promised at their weekly accountability group! I bet he completes everything next week!

Jump into Friday and this weekend however you deem fit! Here to help – the ultimate goal. – Laura

Ps, if you haven’t yet – take a spin on over to windermereco.seattle on Instagram – a new spot to visit, like, share and be part of the conversation. Just now taking flight in content – give us a “follow!”

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