It’s Friday…mic’d up Sunday…

Kristin Munger and I will mic up this Sunday am and talk about test piloting the below Denise Lones strategy this week with Sellers

…one idea to help promote a Seller pricing welvs aspirational

Deciding a list price can be difficult for sellers and listing brokers. Trying on a Denise Lones idea: 

• Pick the best comparable properties from the active competition.

• Print out listing detail redacting any pricing details. Number each property and write price (list price for active and pending and sold price for solds) on the back of the report. Then show seller the photos from each property and ask them to order the properties based on their opinion of price (lowest to highest).

• Then have seller state where they think their house fits.

• Flip over the reports and see how close they were.

How did it go for Kristin this week in piloting this strategy (and other Seller conversations)? Tune in Sunday with a fresh cup of coffee…

And here is a challenge for you: Without the ability to use the word “shift” or “correction” when speaking of the current market environment with clients – what word(s) would you use? *drop your word(s) in the comment section! Our words to guide our clients matter.

More soon, welcome to a beautiful PNW Friday all! – Laura

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