August sweep! That space in between.

Welcome to August 2022 everyone! I’m watching metrics dwindle late summer in blog readership. I get it! Humans are catch up on life and summer provides a natural playground to do so. Instead of writing and hoping the words will land on the page as impact, I’ll join you. I will take August with that “space in between”…that space between stimulus and response; written like this in an equation…

S ( ) R

That space in between stimulus and response is golden – promoting creativity and awareness for what is next. Fridays with Laura will be back in September – for what is next…a very strong finish to 2022 and strategic planning for 2023 – with each of you.

Until then, if you need anything: 206.227.7133 c. – here to help, the ultimate goal.

Ps, if you haven’t followed @windermereco.seattle yet on IG – consider it! We’ll be launching more campaigns soon…

All in, with you. – Laura

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